Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween reef

Happy Halloween! What better way to show Halloween spirit then a reef on your door? Here is the one I did yesterday and how I did it.

The reef is out of Styrofoam and then I have the Halloween colors; orange cotton, black tulle and green and lilac felt. 
Since I like to be able to use the reef again I use pins to fix the fabric to the Styrofoam. I start with to orange fabric and cut it in to strips. This way it easy to dress the from and just a pin i the beginning and end of each strip keeps it all in place. 

 So now the form is all dressed in orange fabric.
 I wanted the base of the reef to be orange but with "shadows" so no I dress the form the same way with the black tulle.
 Buy very how much tulle you twist around the form you get this shadow effect.
 No it´s just to put some flowers and spiders on.
 The flowers and leaf are made out of felt but I made some out of the tulle and the cotton too.  Adding some spiders and there you go; A Halloween reef the you can use over and over again!
Love Julia