Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Masking with stamp

Masking is fun and easy. This is how I do it.

You´ll need chosen stamps, I have two for the motive and one for the background. both from Magnolia. Ink pad, watercolor-paper and scrap paper. 

Start with the stamp you want in the foreground. 

Stamp the same stamp on scrap paper, I have some book pages. Cut it out and and put it on over the motive. 

Now I stamp the boy, he will be behind the girl. 

Cover him in the same way with scrap paper. 

The background is using this flower stamp.

Then I spry with this pink mist from Lindy´s stamp gang.

And this is how it looks all done. Black and with pink. See it´s easy the only thing that takes time is cuting out the images out of scrap paper. Save this cut outs so you don´t have to cut out them every time.
Love Julia