Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Acorn Avenue kit: Enjoy Life

When I got this kit I just had to make a layout, so inspiring was the kit I couldn´t possibly put it away. I knew right away I had a super cute photo of Wiola, sleeping as she does on her back, whit the title: Enjoy Life.
I knew what photo and title I wanted and what to journal but what paper to start whit? So many pretty and double-sided too! I did go whit this grey wood whit patterned circles. It is not what I usually go for for a background but I glad I picked it! So fun!
 #likeaboss. Just saying that is an awesome title... I love those arrows and here just for fun I added that one whit an acetate arrow, sequins and the clear sticker. I really like the colors in the "Ceder Lane" but I wished it had just a bit more purple. So It´s so good that the sequin-mix has the colors to help bright out the ones you like.
 Those blue thickers are so fun and really pops on the page. The journaling I wanted to type but didn´t want it to feel heavy. So I typed on craft and then just cut them into strips, feeling a bit lighter. I thought of using white cardstock but I think that would have been too stark...
 Do as W does: Enjoy Life!

Love Julia

Monday, September 28, 2015

Likeforever kit: Acorn Avenue

So exited to get my first (ever) kit. Just in love and so inspired to get started!!
I´ve been looking for a kit club for a long time but shipping to Sweden is way expensive! But I´ve heard good think about the Likeforever and stared whit checking a few things whit the owner how answered quickly and I made up my mind.

What really "tipped the scales" so to speak was the kit it self, I just love the Pink Paislee "Ceder Lane" line. The colors and the patterns are very usable. And then those arrows, I would never buy them myself but I love them!! Then a hole die-cut pack and those clear tiny word sticker!!! The pack of matching sequins are a real challenge, but I´m up to the task, same goes for the blue thinkers. 

So loveing this and honestly, I have all ready made a layout...

Love Julia

Saturday, September 26, 2015

The Black & White +mint kit: XOXO

What went wrong? Was it the red in the background, the tissue shirt or the odd cluster of miss matched embellishments? 

 Honestly, there is nothing wrong whit them, but I think it´s the way I have them placed and on top of that tissue... big NO
 It really is sad when you scrap a picture you like, whit a plan and it still dosen´t go wright. Maybe it´s just in our own head the ghost is. But making a layout, showing it to others and not loving it, o even liking it is hard. But her it is, and the only thing I can hope is that I don´t make the same mistakes again (I know I will..)

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The Black & White+ Mint kit: Surround

This layout was quite a let down... I had a plan, and then went out of my comforter-zone... Crashed and burned! But hey I live to tell about it.

What went wrong? Well looking at it now I see a lot of B&W indifferent patterns and to bright colors. The is one of my favorite photos and it doesn´t pop, to much muchness around.
 I wanted to much here, different patterns, lots of &&& and then bright colors that honestly... hurts my eyes. Whit a B&W you can go wild whit colors but here I have added to much Black &White pattern. This was the photo doesn´t stand ageist the background but blends in and the mess is a fact. 
 The pop of color is this pink rose, pretty but whitout any other pink it falls flat and looks out of place.
 So this layout didn´t turn out the way I had plan but I learned and moving on. I will continue making mistakes and ugly layout but hey I live to tell about them... 

Love Julia

Saturday, September 19, 2015

The Black & White+ Mint kit: Happy

On this layout I wanted to try a different design. I centered and circular design. Like I´ve said before this kit is for challenging and so is this deign. 
What I decided to do was a reef-like design whit the photo of W in the middle and then the journaling down the center. 
 Now, as you may know, it doesn´t always end up the way we first thought. The title ans journaling are nor as centered as I first thought. But whit the photo being the way it is and neither the title or journaling being that heavy, I think it works.
 The main part of this layout is the reef of leafs. This I cut out of scraps and on the light green-blue paper I added the mint glitter from Maggie Holmes. I just love how it turned out even though I sat forever cutting out the leafs. I f you have a die-cutter of any sort, use it!!
 I wrote my journaling whit a grey pen, so it wouldn´t add to much contrast and the flower I punch out. Over all I really like this page and the design is perfect for a tribute page or maybe a first page of an album. Or just for fun!
Love Julia

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The Black & White+ Mint kit: 4*7*15

Let´s get started whit layout number one. As the first layout I just really wanted to play whit the tissue paper that had been the main inspiration. I wanted to use it for a background,
 and I love how it looks!
The background is strips of the mint tissue stitched down and before I crumpled them a bit and that gives a ruffle touch but without the ruffles... 

 Whit this background I wanted the rest to be nice and simple. Th photo and journaling is mated
on black paper and even though the title are in different fonts, it´s all in black.
 The all white stones, i think, adds the the lake feel. the foam on the water or bubbles... 
 The journaling is written on this oh-so cute cut apart card from Maggie Holmes "Confetti" line whit that cute bird. The story is about a hot day and that Wiola walk out in the lake, witch she hasn´t done before

Love Julia

Friday, September 11, 2015

The Black & White+ Mint kit

I love scrapbooking, the process the preservation of memories and the fact that I can still challenge myself. The last weeks I have work on just that, challenging myself. I started whit a question; Do I like my pages bold and graphic? In an attempt to answer this I though to make a kit, work whit it and then see the result.

So what I started whit, was 2 tissue papers in b&w and one in mint witch fit perfect for the hole idea of a bold and graphic look. I wanted black &white whit one dominating color, mint. I went through my stash and picked about 16 12*12 papers in b&w and mint.

I did the same thing for my embellishments, scraps...

 ...and letter sticker. 2 rolls of b&w washi, that is a real challenge! I also put in 2 gelatos in the colors and the glitter pack from Maggie Holmes "Confetti" line. 
 This is a bit bigger kit, product vise but whit a very narrow colors. But do
keep in mind, this is a kit to challenge myself and see if I like the bold and
graphic look...
Love Julia

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Together DIY 12*12 scrapbook process

Do you you save your scraps? Where do you keep them?
In a drawer or sort them by color... I used to have a desk drawer for scraps but found that while it got fuller I didn´t look in it. Now I store my scraps on the paper-pad it came from. It works for me sens I keep looking in them and I tend to by my paper in pads rather then by sheet. How ever I do keep a tin next to my desk for tiny pieces and it from that tin today´s layout came from. 

I know some find it hard to work whit scraps and scraps from different lines and brands. This layout came together thanks to some papers ended up next to each other while I was looking through my tin. "Thous looks cute together!"
I really like to work whit b&w photos because then you can pick what ever color you want and you can pick more and bolder color sens it want clash whit the photo.

This flowers I painted, scanned and printed. 
Love how the watercolor look works whit the patterned paper.

 The title is from the "Confetti" chipboard sheet by Maggie Holmes, I
really do need another sheet!
I really like the fun feel this layout has, just as Majken and Kerstin in the photo. This is the last "DIY" layout. The last couple of weeks I have been focused on making my own embellishments, painting more and using more from my stash. Now I feel more creative and like to use my own things. I hope you have liked this, the layouts and videos. Hopefully you have found some ideas and felt inspired. 
My next project is almost done, just a few more layout to film, and then I 
will be working whit a kit from my stash. I hope you will stop by to check it out!
Love Julia