Saturday, February 2, 2013

The sun is awake!

I thought the sun would never come out again, but today the sky was blue and the birds were signing. Me and my mom went out for a walk with our little Kerstin. I really love that weird little dog. She screams if you set down your feet to close to her and won´t eat unless somebody is keeping her company but that how she is.

Living in Sweden has it downsides. From October to march it pretty much just rain, snow and cold winds. The road gets icy, the days shorter and your skin turns into sandpaper... It´s not fun. So when day like this come it is not just the sun with vitamin D,it´s also hope. Hope that you will survive and that spring is just around the corner. How true that might be in fact it´s still just the 2 of February. And it just might start to snow again.

On the upside I do live in a beautiful county, with four seasons. The winter here is winter with snowy trees and iced lakes. The spring with the bird song and flowers in bloom. The summer comes with warmth and hayrides. Then the fall comes in all it´s glory with amazing colours and high air. I´m very grateful for living in such a unique country even though I might complain some days.

So today I just want to say thanks to the sun for lifting my day and to my cute little weird Kerstin.

Love Julia