Thursday, October 29, 2015

Acorn Avenue kit: Happy Girl+ Tacksam

I love watercolors. that is a fact. For you how didn´t know I paint... allot and watercolors are my favorite medium. Sorry oil tubes that are hidden away. So on this day I just wanted to play whit them on a layout. 

I won´t wright to much about this page, as you most likely have seen the video but I can just say that adding those black ink-drops really made the page come to live- contrast!!

 This layout turned out to be one of my favorites and of course I didn´t record it... But I can still show it to you. I started whit a painted craft cardstock, I have few ready to go, painting many in one sitting. Here I have one in sort of a midnight blue and I really wanted to work whit that feel.
 Splattering some "Heidi shine" in gold makes the "stars" and the banners are from the layout before but here I stitched them in to 3 banners to drape on the page. The journaling are typed in my typewriter and cut in to strips. This way the journaling is easy to read but doesn´t feel heavy.  
I love this blue background whit the purple color and layering it under my photo makes it really pop. I´m just so happy whit how this turned out, so fun!

Love Julia

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Acorn Avenue kit: Rally

Do you use colored cardstock? I have a really hard time using anything other then white or craft. In this kit we get two cardstock sheets, one black (great for photo matting) and one pale blue...

So what to do, I decided to work whit it and use it for a background. The color was very pale and I wanted it to be clear to any one looking at it that it was in fact blue. Pallet knife + white paint = textured background.
What I wanted whit this layout was to tell about how fun we have training rally. I picked my favorite colors, purple and blue and then glitter! I love the "stitched leaves die" from Lawn Fawn on glitter paper, so pretty. Here I´ve purple glitter paper, the blue glitter thickers and a glittered tag. 

 I know I have said it before but those arrows are too cute! And those clear word stickers, so perfect for adding on photos! 
This layout is fun, random, sort of thought through and a bit crazy, just like Wiola and I. Love that you can capture a feeling on paper
Love Julia

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Acorn Avenue kit: You are my favorite +3 A4 layouts

I love scrapbooking from a collection, knowing that its all designed to compliment and work together. I also know that not everyone likes creating like this, feeling that all layouts will come out looking the same and obvious from the same. So here I want to show you a process of how you can turn the colors around to create a different feel from what you might first had thought. 

 Here are three more A4 layouts (21x29 cm) that are made from the same collection and kit but I think you´ll agree whit me that they all came out looking very different.

The first one here I wanted clean and a strong pattern in the right corner. That dark paper compliments the photo and bring the in the focus.
 This layout is really about the story and by wrighting it on the white cardsock not only gives it visual weight but makes is easy to read. 
 I love me some Heidi-Shine on my dark photos, it really adds that feel of night-time magic.
 The second layout is not clean and simple, it´s the opposite... I wanted colors and fun. This is about my oh-so odd pbgv Wiola some how always end up doing odd things, like just like that have a fave covered in moss...?!
 But she is really foxy so she got the other fox, to add to that fun play-full feel
 Layer acetate!! so fun
 Number 3 in my favorite, here we have some of the black&white and clean look but also that fun colorful energy. I cut out some of those big flower from the paper in the first layout and layered them around the photos and in the bottom right corner.
 Can´t get over those arrows! So cute and I don´t have any left, pretty proud over that, no hording! 
 This layout is about a clicker course that we took this autumn so here I put the start and end-date on the tabs and wrote about it on a manilla tag. I just love how this one came together, but of course just because of that I didn´t record it....
I have loved working whit this kit and I still have a process video and a kill-the-kit/layout share coming up.

Love Julia

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Acorn Avenue kit: Lilla Damen

I recently got my very on Big Shot and I just love it!! I had a few dies that I got years ago but the first that I bought was the "Stitched Leaves" from Lawn Fawn. I think they are so pretty and can work year round. So I started cutting them out and decided to use the negative.

I wanted a soft and fresh feel so a white background whit so "tattered rose" and Heidi Shine in gold. I love this colors whit craft very feminine. 
 I didn´t want allot of embellishments, but let the wow-factor be on the negative leaf piece. 
 I used that clear tag that I wasn´t to sure about, but so perfect here. 
 How cute isn´t she? the story here is about just how pretty she always is even though she is chewing on a cut-off deer foot...
Love Julia

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Acorne Avenue kit: Fin Besök

Hello, today is one of those amazing autumn day whit sunshine and high air. This layout is about so very nice visitors we had over the summer. We have had cow my hole life and this is the first summer that we where whit-out them. My uncle how ever also has cows and he let them be here. I just loves cows and this are so pretty. (we used to have highland cattle.) It´s a native old Swedish breed that is just lovely.
I really wanted to use that red ombre and the floral paper. They go so well together and the white flowers are cut out another design. The patterned paper are sewn down and I just love the texture it gives.

 A red wooden butterfly and some sequins. Not much embellishments here but whit thous pretty paper you don´t really need it...
Love Julia

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Live Now -12x12 scrapbook page

Some times I just want to make a layout for the fun of it. Make a pretty layout whit a pretty photo and whit pretty papers. Most of my layouts are to document something that has happened or how I feel but this one is just for Pretty!

I have used Maggie Holmes "Confetti" line here and focused on that lovely floral piece. The paper, acetate, die cut and chipboard, all the "same" flower.  

 The main part of this layout is the title. I just love this tiles and so glad I finally gave in got them.

 I love a de-saturated layout whit high contrast. Here I have a black & white photo, B&W paper and the tiny phrase stickers in black adds to the high contrast. The flowers however adds to the de-saturated feel. I wanted a very clean look here but I just had to have a little Heidi-Shine...

This flower is a favorite from this line and I´m so happy whit this layout, and the fact that I used it!

Love Julia

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Acorn Avenue Kit: project life week 40

Week 40, all ready we have come in to October! What happens whit the time. But I have to say that I love the autumn colors and the high air we get here in Sweden. Witch I feel that this kit has captured.

 I don´t tend to reach for sequins and getting a hole bag of them in this kit really is a challenge. How ever I´m not the one to turn down a challenge so I thought that using allot of them for a project life shaker pocket was a brilliant idea! I used my sewing-machine  to close the pocket but I think the fuse-tool would be perfect.
 A few days ago I got the stitched leaves from Lawn Fawn, witch I love! And I cut them out on this self-adhesive glitter paper.  The blue matches so well whit the thickers and I just love the glitter whiteout the mess!
 One of my favorite cards it the ones whit lots of arrows telling what you can already see. Here I did that on a photo of the training thing I use when training clicker with W. 
 I like journaling in my project life but don´t always want it as a text. So I often just wright what I have done on the days here I have stamped them. And the and "stories", this week I wrote them out in the Project Life App just to be sure that the text would fit n a 3*4 pocket

Saturday, October 3, 2015

The Black & White +mint kit: Today & Everyday

Of all of the layout, coming from this kit, this it by far my favorite! Not so good considering I did it in the middle and the layouts after couldn´t live up to this one. How ever today we talk about this one:

The background is an old Prima paintable paper that I´ve been hording for ever. I had so much fun painting it, not within the lines. 
 Whit this pretty background I didn´t want to cover it up whit paper, but I love paper and want to use it... alot. So here I did a tight matting whit papers and that star vellum. 
 My "color" for this layout where black, in the title and the word strips from Tim Holtz. That is what I love whit working whit a B&W photo, you can use any color you want and adding black as an accent color the photo just pops!
 Embellishments whit gold, both foil and glitter and a bit of extra and how can resist those
pretty flowers from Maggie Holmes "Open Book"?
 I like to add "hidden" treasures, like this little cherub painted  whit pearl. Not something you will see at the first glans, but if you take your time he is there, being pretty. 

Love Julia