Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Project Life week 42


How is your week so far? In this part of the world it rains... And Wiola loves it! I don´t.... But anyhow, this is the day where I show you my progress in Project Life. Here is week 42:

For this week I picked a Sn@p pocket and the Theresa Collins "Life Emporium" 6x6 pad. This design has 6 4x4 ans 4 3x4, perfect for instagram photos.

 The title card I made in the Rhonna Design App, the colors works perfect with both photos and "Life Emporium". I just wrote week- number- date to date. And a pretty flower. I love this way of combining digital and physical scrapbooking. And with this app you can make a card in-front of the TV or waiting for prince Charming...
 I used some of the stickers from the collection and and cut white strips to journal on sens the wood paper is a bit hard to see.
 Witch is what I should have done on my muffins card, but hey, it works and I love that pattern!

I hope you all have a great week
Love Julia

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Pretty Girl- layout

Hey Pretty Girl!

This layout I wanted to try something different, combining to really different lines; Prima "Epiphany" and Crate paper "Note & Things". I wanted to use the ephemera pack, I think it´s fun but haven´t used it as much as I wanted. So on this layout I used a big part of it. (well not really, that pack is stuffed!)

 I picked pink, mint and orange this way the layout still look cohesive even though I use allot of different bits and pieces. On the right side I took a 4x6 ATC from the "Epiphany" and the title is the lovely gold letter from Thickers.
 I brushed the edges with a mix of "vintage photo" and "pumice stone" (I used the same dobber with different ink, what can I say... I like to live dangerous )

 Some black lace and gold dotted washi tape is just what the doctor ordered. Not to peak of some health ink splatter...

So in conclusion, don´t hesitate to mix different lines and brands, for when you do that the layout will be so much more interesting!
Have a great weekend, now it´s time for a walk with my pretty girl
Love Julia

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Project Life w 41

It´s week 42 only 10 weeks left! Today I have week 41´s process video ready for you and of course some rambling.

First here is the video:

For this week I used Prima´s "Cartographer" line, it was such a long time sens I worked with "vintage" paper so I thought it was time. I love this balloon paper and the calender from Sara Woordrow .   Now, I couldn´t find the printable but you should totally check her out, she is amazing!!!
 I have noted that Wiola is taking over my life, but how can that be a bad thing?
 When working with the "Design A" incorporate Instagram photos can be tricky. But try to see it as photo plus a journaling space. Here to get a clear spot, I used black ink and then a white gel-roller pen.
 I wanted to add a photo of this cheesecake I made and the recipe but that would have taking up too much space. And I wanted a cute filler card, solution:
 The pockets from Sn@p are so easy to use and perfect for adding for example a recipe and a photo of a cheesecake...
I hope you all have a great week and see you all of Thursday for a layout process video, I have a felling that Wiola will be a part of it...
Love Julia 

Friday, October 17, 2014

Wiola- layout

It´s finally Friday! I have the second layout made from this weeks kit. I fall head over heal in love with the two papers from Basic Grey "Wisteria" and for this layout I had to make them the focal point. 

 I love the cool colors of the white, blue, purple and black. The black I think is a very important part to bring contrast to the page, so that it not just flat. The black quote card is from "Good Times" value pack and the frame is something I made and I had to add a heart brad.
 The title is made with tiny wood letters from Studio Calico together with a wood heart. This page is build in a grid and to bring balance I wanted something soft and what better then a ity-bity doily?
 I wanted quiet allot of journaling but didn´t want to add anything more. So I journaled on the photo, that has allot of white space.
 As a finishing touch a added ink drops and teal sequins. The teal adds some warmth and also some glossy accents dots just for the fun of it.
 I hope you like this and the video
have a amazing weekend and I hope to see you on Tuesday
Love Julia

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Be Fearless- layout

Today I have a layout made with the same kit as I used for project life yesterday. I wanted it to be very light and allot of "white space". I started with a white cardstock that I had painted with left over gold paint (I hate wasting paint)
 I love how the colors work together with the sequins, it just pops. The title I did with black and then cut it out with tiny and sharp scissors.

With the sequins I paired white tiny pearls give the layout that light touch of magic.
 The one thing I would change is the journaling, I think I would rather have it next to the photo. That would make it a bit more "together"
I hope that you liked this layout and the process. 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Project Life Week 40

It´s Tuesday and I´m about to show you my week 40! For this week I made a kit for project life and two layouts. I started with two papers from Basic Grey "wisteria"  after that I took some cards from the "Good Times" value pack from Becky Higgins. So this was my base and then I picked different  bits and pieces.

For this week I decided to make a full spread for two reasons; I had so many photos that I wanted to incorporate and I wanted to use as much as I could from the kit...
 This page design is from Simple Stories- Sn@p and I love that you get vertical and horizontal photos and the long 12x2. That strip of course you can embellish and use the space more then I did but I just wanted that amazing paper! So on this page it´s very bare, a title card and a few nature photos. The 4x6 filler card I just painted with black ink "The sky is awake" witch is a quote from from Frozen.
 On the right side I have more I have more journaling. The October card is lilac water-color and black ink. My favorite photo is the one on the far right of Fridolf. I love the light and he fact that he looks normal... I hardly ever get a photo of him, let alone one where he looks good. I also decided to to take a screen-shot of my phone. I see this everyday but in five years I most certainly will have forgot what apps I used everyday.
 I did went with a simple title card, witch I don´t normally pick. I tend to go with the cards where I can journal but sens I did a double spread I picked this cute one. Half a doily and the ticket is from the "Notes & Things" from Crate paper. So simple and the gold helps to bring the left and right sides together,
 On this design you have two 3x4 card and I picked two from Instagram, one is of our Cinnamon-buns and one is from Wilna Fursenburg. The 4 of October is the Cinnamon-buns day in Sweden and of course that has to be celebrated and the other is just "hey, I´m in the art & design class"
 The "October" is painted on watercolor paper and the cut out old school- pint & cut...
I also worked on have the heart brads on the page and I really like them.
 I love this 3x4 from the "Notes & Things" that looks like a tiny book cover. And what better then a dymo label?

I hope that you like this spread as much as I do! This week I have two layouts to show you so look out on Wednesday and Friday!

Have a great week
Love Julia

Thursday, October 9, 2014

3 puppies- layout process video

 Hello Thursday!
Todays layout is made with the same papers as I used for Project Life w 39 . I have said before that I wanted to challenge myself in Project life and not only use the same "DIY-Shop" but to try different things. So far I have used the Maggie Holmes "Flea Market" and Teresa Collins "Life Emporium" 6x6 pad.

So for this week I decided to take this beautiful paper pack from We R- "Indian Summer".

I started with a photo from the week that didn´t make it in to the album. I made it black & white so that I could use any color I wanted without thinking of it going against the papers.  I also wanted to use more tiny embellishments, like the reins and wood veneers.
 I used a old pen-nip for writing with a liquid acrylic ink.  The type looks so different depending on what pen you use and using an old pen is not just fun but visually interesting.
 I wanted allot of layers on this layout with allot of colors and patterns. This mustered yellow and teal is so amazingly perfect but it won´t be too much sens the black and grey keep up the contrast.  The quot is a PL card from the "Good Times" value pack.
 I used some stickers from the pack together with with some gold resin/ heart, wood veneer and enamel dots. The gold goes so well with this colors and especially the teal backgrounder.
 The finishing touch has to be some black ink splatter. I use liquid acrylic and I love how fast it dries.

I hope that you liked this layout and video, have a great weekend and see you on Tuesday!
Love Julia 

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Project Life week 39


For this week for Project Life I choose the We R "Indian Summer" paper pack. I love the patterns and colors, not the mention the texture that is just... best! So in this pack not only do you get 4 of each double sided papers you get a sheet of stickers and 3 tags. Now I hardly ever use tags but I wanted to try to work one of them in to this week.

 I had to have a nature photo but I had no room for one, but thanks to this extra pockets from sn@p I got I place for my sunrise and space for journaling. Also I got to use one of the tags for journaling to the photo on the right (of the horse) The only thing I can say badly about the extra pockets is when it´s pair with this pocket page design. On the left there is a 12x2 pocket and sens the opening is so long every time you open the extra pocket you´ll open that long space. I think that I´ll try to sew it down... when my machine is working
 Some of the photos from my phone I took for a dance in the Rhonna Design app . Those photos got a "chalk-board" frame and text in the same feel. The title card is made in this app with the same elements and I just love the way you can combine papers and digital elements to get a harmonious layout.
 For my journaling card (where the camera went to sleep) I cut a 4x6 piece and layered a yellow and the feather paper on top for more interest and a place for a title (the date) I then started to wright around the photo of Frasse & Sack. I love how it turned out. The seconed 3x4 card didn´t make it in the video either but it was really simple. The border is from the sticker sheet and I just lay down some masking tape to wright on.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Live A Little More- Layout

I have a new process video to sheer with you and sense I don´t have "project" for now I thought that I would try to combine Project Life and Scrapbooking. You know that I try to find new things for each week of Project Life so now what ever I do then I´ll try to make a layout with the same products. This week I used the 6x6 pad from Teresa Collins "Life Emporium" and the 2 sticker sheets.

So when I ordered this pad I just thought how pretty it was but then I always have a hard time making a 12x12 layout out if 6x6 papers. How do you do it with out it looking like you "only" had 6x6 papers? Well I think for me it came down to two things: 1 start of on a white cardstock and 2, layers. YouTube is an amazing thing and you can find so much inspiration there, I love watching Ashley Laura she has the hole layering thing down!

So I started with a white background and distress inks in "tattered rose" and "pumice stone" this colors goes great with the "life emporium" line.
 I then started to layer the different papers and stickers. The gold doily, black letters, sequins and wood veneers are the only things not from the line.
 I used with nail polish instead of enamel dots or ink, just love the effect and so perfect with the sequins.
I hope you liked this layout and process video even though it came up a bit late. On Tuesday the next week of Project Life will be up and a product
Love Julia