Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Project Life w 41

It´s week 42 only 10 weeks left! Today I have week 41´s process video ready for you and of course some rambling.

First here is the video:

For this week I used Prima´s "Cartographer" line, it was such a long time sens I worked with "vintage" paper so I thought it was time. I love this balloon paper and the calender from Sara Woordrow .   Now, I couldn´t find the printable but you should totally check her out, she is amazing!!!
 I have noted that Wiola is taking over my life, but how can that be a bad thing?
 When working with the "Design A" incorporate Instagram photos can be tricky. But try to see it as photo plus a journaling space. Here to get a clear spot, I used black ink and then a white gel-roller pen.
 I wanted to add a photo of this cheesecake I made and the recipe but that would have taking up too much space. And I wanted a cute filler card, solution:
 The pockets from Sn@p are so easy to use and perfect for adding for example a recipe and a photo of a cheesecake...
I hope you all have a great week and see you all of Thursday for a layout process video, I have a felling that Wiola will be a part of it...
Love Julia