Tuesday, December 22, 2015

December Daily day 14- 20 flip

Tuesday today, not Monday (when this should have been up) but I think that we are all in the middle  of  cleaning, cooking and getting it done. We have one more day and then it´s Christmas. So here is a flip video and then photos. 
And the photos... not good but hopefully you can see the page and get the idea. 

I hope you all have a very merry Christmas and to see you all in the new year!
Lot of Love, Julia

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Lucia 12x12 scrapbook layout

One week! Then it really is Christmas. Here in Sweden Christmas isn't the only big day in December we also have Lucia. Now I love Lucia, even though I can´t sing and never been one, but I love it non the less. So this year I thought the only way I will have a "luciatåg" is if I'll make one...

 I´m so happy with how this page turned out and I'm seriously thinking of putting it on display in my craft space!  I think it´s so fun being able to include the ribbons and tinsel, they really pop on this background, painted craft. 
 I few snowflakes to add some winter sparkle. 
 I used my poor old typewriter to do my journaling and the title is the first part of my favorite Lucia song. Mixing silver and gold just feel so right in Christmas times. I added a bit of red, from the photo, just so that the white, silver and blue wouldn't be to cold. 
I really like this and I hope that it might give you some inspiration to scrap your Lucia photos!
Love Julia

Monday, December 14, 2015

December Daily day 6-13 +free printable

Yet another week has past and now we have only 10 days till Christmas. Time really flies and here is another week in my December Daily.

I really tried to film i all only to discover that half the videos was out of focus *deep breath* 

But first, here is a printable that I hope will add some Christmas cheers to you all!

 Day 6 is an a 3x4 pocket page design, with the number on the outside.
 In the paper-bag I have a printout on Dr Suess  "How he Grinch stole Christmas". On the bag I used the printable in a 3x4 size and I just love it!
Oh, this page, one of my favorites but I should really know better then trying to paint on gesso. How ever it turned out just fine and next time I will think twice! (and probably do it again..)
Day 8 is me trying to save day 7 by backing it and luck stack again. Here I have my story of the day in the pocket (the tag) and the a photo on the pocket. 
Day 9 I baked allot so I just added a photo of them and the recipes are in a pocket in the end of the album, so it´s easy to fine.  
 The tag for day 8, this day I only used the "Christmas on market street" pad I just love it!!
Day 10 is just a big photo and some journaling on a label about how much I love the smell of these flowers. 
Day 11 is an altered paper-bag and the flap turned into a pocket. I love the papers from Pink Paislee´s "merry and bright" and I used the same paper (A&B-sides) on the page and tag.

Here I have 3 tags, 2 for fabrics (that I used on the project) On the big tag I have a photo of the work in progress.

And the other side is the lunch-bag done!! 
Don't tell but I made two so that my sister is getting one!
 Day 12 is just a photo of Majken during our walk and in the bag is a 6x8 (front and back) age with journaling. It´s just about what I like right now and what I do. I think it will be fun looking back in say ten years and read how much I like Wiola and father Brown...

Day 13 has two ages, first a 6x8 photo (on mat paper) of my lovelys dressed u for Lucia
 and on the back side is what I did that day. Morning walk and the snuggles with miss W. The best kind of Sundays! 

Now take a deep breath, check the focus of the camera and let´s start next week!

Love Julia

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Happy Heart A4 scrapbook layout

What gets you inspired when designing you pages? Is it products, techniques, colors, photos or is it different things at different times? For me, I get inspired by everything and anything.  
For this layout I wanted to use this photo, that isn´t that great, for two reasons: 1 It´s an everyday type of thing that I just think would be fun to look back on. 2, the soft blue/purple-ish color. 

I had picked papers in that color family and wanted them on the right side, leaving allot of white space in the left, to emphasis the light in the photo. 

 Like so many things that ends up on my layout, this flower was found on my desk in this frame... I loved how it looked and now it´s an embellishment for this page. 
I really like gold on pages like this, when the color I have is rather cold and with strong black contrast, the gold gives it that warmth to the page.
 The photo has good contrast, the really bright light, the dark shadow and the collar. This is what I wanted to bring out to the page and still have that soft color.
 There are so many ways to make a design for you photo and story but this is one I use often. To really look at the photo and try to pull the feeling out to the page. And what I really like about it is that that photo will now be remembered, even though it´s not striking or amazing. 
 When in doubt, add black. This really adds contrast and makes the light lighter and colors will pop.

Now I challenge you to take a photo, look at it and try to make a layou where it feels like the photo comes out to the page!

Love Julia

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Jul*14 12x12 scrapbook

I don´t scrapbook Christmas. I don´t scrapbook Halloween, Valentines or Birthdays. 
I have never given it much thought  and never felt an urge to do it. Of course I have this moments in my Project Life but now I start to shift and think I want to have more event pages. And really, I want Christmas pages. So here is a page with a photo from last year:
I picked this photo of Wiola and I and made it b&w. These Pink Paislee papers where on my desk (sens I cut them in to 6x8 for my DD) and I just loved how they looked together. So I put them down like I had them on my desk and stitched around.

 I love sprinkling mist over b&w photos, and here, with the white, it looks magical! 
 Not allot of embellishments here, a Lawn Fawn flair, a felt tree and bling & pearls.
 The "Merry Christmas" is a clear 4x6 card from Heidi Swapp- Project Life pack that I added the title on top of.
 My journaling is on this tag tucked under the photo. I really like the lace and twine, it really adds texture. 

After having made this layout, making Christmas pages doesn´t feel so intimidating any more.

Monday, December 7, 2015

December Daily week 50 +cover

The storm Helga has finally moved on, we have sunshine and I have shot my DD pages! I don´t have a plan or a schedule for making pages but this week I have done them about ever other day. So after putting this post and video up I will star whit day 6 and 7, that is a story page. That is also a thing I really like is mixing daily pages whit story pages.    

The Cover...
I had no plan what so ever on doing something on the cover. I didn´t do anything on last years and I though I wouln´t do anything on this year... So the other day I had a "cutting-party" with my sizzix (so glad a have that one!!) I you may have noticed that I have a thing for felt, I have cut enough to fill a tree. Any how I sat and played (luckily the camera was on) and it turned in to reef.

 Green felt leafs, silver glitter and red "berries". I just love it. The dies are Lawn Fawn "stitched leafs" and Maggie Holmes flower die from "Confetti".
 Day 1 of December 

Here I decided to go with on of the "insta pocket" pages sens most of my photos from day 1 and 2 where instagram-sized.  But Like I have said before I want allot of texture and to feel, so here I glued some felt heart on the outside.  
 That snowflake also adds to that lightness with the hearts. Day 3 in a layout on an altered bag. Here I added the date and caption in the Rhonna Design App and the trees are felt and green glitter. 
 In the bag in a tag with journaling and parking ticket from that day.  
 Day 4, not my favorite, I had a clear plan here but I didn´t do it and now... It´s just not my favorite... 
Day 5 is in a pocket page just because is looked best. And I could used the stage.... 
 Now when I look at this page I don´t hate it but I think it could be better. Moving on.

So my second week of DD is over and now I´m going to listen to Christmas music and make day 6 and 7.
Love Julia

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Christmas stocking DIY

The other day I say a video by Jennifer McGuire Ink and I was so inspired!! That weekend I made 8 mini stockings: 

I made my own template and used felt in grey, white, red, black and green with silver thread. 
That silver metallic thread is my new favorite it adds that little extra.
The decoration on the stockings made using my die-cut machine. Here I have leafs and "berries" and a tree. 

 The white band is cut whit a Magnolia border die, and I think that one is so sweet.
You can change this ones up over and over again and I just love this little craft! And now I can stop die-cutting in felt. Perfect for the December Daily!!
Love Julia

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

December Daily- week 1

It´s the first day of December Daily and I have no photo paper... But sens I have decided to "wing it" this year so I take a deep breath and just write down about today. But I still have a few page to show sens I started last week. 

Loving how the album is looking and I have just started
 I´m still not sure of how I want the title page to be but for now I have a calendar printable from Stitch in time I don´t know if I´ll jut leave it or fill it in but for now it looks so pretty!
 My first-first page is about the first frost. I have an acetate page whit snowflakes over and I love how looks.
 The photo is a pocket for the tag whit journaling and I think I have to cut more of those silver glitter doilys. It´s a die from Magnolia.
 The second page is a spread of Prima paper and I have adhered paper to the back of them and sewn around. These are about two Christmas markets. The where on the same weekend and I think it works because I haven´t started whit December "daily" jet.
 The journaling is on the tag and I think this will be a thing through out the album

 Here is a "story" page about a tradition that my mom always do. I really want to include not just myself and what I do but what they do and what they like to do.  
 The page from 1 advent is a vellum pocket sewn on a text paper and a mat and tag tucked in. Now, this "mat" is the packaging from the Christmas on Market Street Die-cuts.
 This photo is real, I mean this is just before breakfast. But I like that you can see just how a Sunday morning looks like, whit a 1 advent candle. The tag, has the journaling, is about advent and what we did that day. Here is the start of December Daily

Here I pin all December things: December

Love Julia