Saturday, August 31, 2013

Pearls is for girls

 I´m so happy to tell you that I have gotten my own space. It´s in the old stable but never the less it´s my own so now I can do more fun things. The thing is that I really wanted a space where I can do my thing and then leave it and not have to see it all the time. And as a bonus no one come out to the old stable. So I started with my lovely Pearls. Here is the the jewellery I  made yesterday. The Pearls is from .

I hope you all like them
                                      Love Julia

Friday, August 30, 2013

Holy Cow

Let me present to you our cows. Nora and her Kajsa is my uncles and Maggan and Annika is ours. Between you and me thous Lady's are a bit crazy... And they have no idea what personal space is. Our boys goes on the other side of the village, but today Billy decided to check out the grass on the other side.
The story ended happy anyway for us all and Billy came back to his friends.

Love Julia

Thursday, August 29, 2013


Hello everyone! Now I have got a knew computer so hopefully post´s will come up on time. In this post I´ll show two you wedding cards. Making cards is not really my thing and usually  I avoid doing them, but this two was real fun to make.

Card 1
Cardstock- dcwv
Old bookpage
Pink heart- dcwv
Lace- Magnolia
Roses- Panduro
Leafs- Pyhobby
Pearls- Pyhobby
Flowers- Prima INC
Dymo label

Card 2
Cardstock- dcwv
Paper- Magnolia
Wahsi tape- Panduro
Postdard stamp- Prima
Leafs- Pyhobby
Lilic flowers- Pyhobby
Big Flower- Prima
Bling- Victoria´s Design House
Hearts from Magnolia paper

Here you can check out from where I got the materiells.

Love Julia

Sunday, August 18, 2013

The end of a Sketchbook

So my sketchbook has run out of paper, agen. I tought to sheer some of the "art" with you. This is just some sketches but it from simple pencil the most amizing art comes from. 

How ever they are not in oder. 

I have had some problems with Internet connection so this post is from my phone, and so are the photos... Hope you like them and that you will get some insperation 😊♥

Love Julia

Friday, August 9, 2013

Scrapbookpage: Life On the Stick

Up for something knew? Like colors? On this in for Waldemar and Kerstin and there love of sticks.

So a background, cardboard and a photo mat. The flower and leafs and from and the frame from washi tape is from Panduro hobby.

I think it only right to end this with my favorite note, dymo label!
 Love Julia

Friday, August 2, 2013

Scrapbook page: the Queen

You recognize this beautiful lady? This is my sisters cat Svea. Is she not the cutest? She truly is the queen of the house. On this layout I wanted to try something new. To billed on the length and not to use flowers. Instead of flowers I use big pearls in two tones of pink and a lot of leaves.
What keep up with my randomness? Instgram JuliaMMKallen there you will find... well a mix of pic´s.
Love Julia