Friday, February 28, 2014

Tjarna -the wagon horse

You know the saying "get back up on the horse" well I have! After almost 8 month I did my "debut" and it went really well! It was my first time riding Tjarna, she is a wagon horse from Poland and she is really fun to ride. I like this sensitive horses when you have to challenge yourself.

Sense I´m not a trained instructor our boss has put together a "boot-camp" for me and my co-worker. It´s so much fun, that is the reason that I got Tjarna. I just love that our boss spends so much time teaching us becoming better. And a major bonus is that we get to ride the riding-schools horses. Not only do you become better riders but this helps us understand the horses better and makes it easier for us to help our students.

So if you ride on a riding-school please try that horse that you think is not your "type", this horse mite surprise you and you may learn something new. 
Love Julia

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Shabby-chic Spring

Hello all my crafty people! Yes it´s Tuesday and I have a new card to show you.

I made this card in just one sitting! I wanted to make a sweet and cute shabby chic card that just is Spring!
This Magnolia stamp is spring and is so fun to color, with distress ink ;). 
Flowers, buttons and pearls what is more shabby chic than that?
I love making this book-page flowers, so easy and so cute
Now I´m going to pack to head to Bollebygd. Today I´m going to ride for the first time in like forever... Okej not forever but it has been a long time and now I´m actually nervous! I shouldn´t be, I should realize that I have been out of the game for month and take it easy on my self... Wish me luck ;)
Love Julia

Monday, February 24, 2014

Britta in spring

Good Monday to you all I hope your weekend have been good, I have been sitting down from Friday to, well now. And yes it´s my back that I´m trying to fix. I was at the physiotherapist today and he said that I can start to work out in a couple of weeks! So when I got back home today the sun was out and the birds was singing so I took Britta with me out.  

So today is for all of you how has missed miss Britta :)
 My special Britta, Such fun she is.  
 How fabulous is this lady?!
 "I believe I can fly"! That´s right Britta never starts hoping ;)
 The snowdrops has started to come out and both I and Britta are so happy to see them.
Have a great week and I´ll be back later this week :)
Love Julia

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Think Pink

Hello all of my crafty friends! I hope you all have had a good week, mine as been filled and I´m afraid too look at my next week. But what better way too relax then to sit down at the desk?

I used papers from Panduros "Sweet Christmas" and DCWV "Dear Jane".
 I wanted to use some ribbon and found this twain and made a bow.
 Some book-page flowers together with pink sprayed roses just can´t go wrong. The little heart is on if the steams that I just twisted.
 I couldn´t resist some fran-tage and micas. The key is a half key, flat on the other side so it´s easy to glue down.
 This is one of my favorit stamp from Magnolia, She is just so cute! Colored with distress ink and then I sprinkled some UTEE over to make "water drops".

This card is in this challenge:
Hope you like it and keep your eyes up for more posts and videos :)
And for more head on over to instagram: juliammkallen

Monday, February 17, 2014


Hello! It´s Monday and I have just come home from my second visit at my new physiotherapist. Apparently when you ride horses you are supposed to sit on them and not fall of. Well I have fallen of a few times and my back is quite damaged. So now I go to this physiotherapist and get electricity in my back and it´s so nice! It will take some time before I can start working out and building up the muscles but that´s okej with me.

But that is not why I started writing this post, I have a little birdhouse to show you! It´s made from a toilet paper roll and papers from "all that spring".

 It´s made with allot flowers, button and pearls. My favorite part is the roof with part paper and part book-pages and some glitter! So much shabby chic!
I hope you like it and that you all have a great week!

Love Julia

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Tilda with pie

Hello all crafty people, I hope you enjoyed your weekend. Here in Sweden it has snowed and rained allot, so I have stayed inside most of the time crafting and watching some movies. That is one of the things that I love with crafting in my room now, I can have my laptop near my desk so I can watch movies or series when I craft. O and last night I saw the new Jane Eyre, well it´s not NEW new, but now I have seen it too. I saw another a few years ago but this one was really good, the other one was a bit creepy.

Well I not just going to talk about movies because I have a new card to show you! I saw a -sketch- card challenge and tough I would give it a try. You can find it here: Magnolia mania challenge

So I wanted a spring card with light colors, green and yellow. The papers are from DCWV- Butterfly Garden.
 Tilda is colored with distress ink and put on an old book-page and congregated board.
 This is my not so White Roses, the big ones are sprayed with a yellow mist and the small ones are dipped. The largest flowers with curled petals are a Prima flower and is sprayed with a Pearl mist.
 To bring is some light yellow tones I took this Panduro washi tapes that comes in a set if three, the third has birdcages I think.
 And some more sprayed and dipped roses.
 And a little "Thank you" stamp. All over the card I put out gold/yellow pearls from PyHobby

This card is this challenges: 
I hope you liked my spring card and I have tried to find links to the places from where I got the stuff I talked about so you can find them.

Love Julia

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Borås Djurpark

Yesterday, 14 of February, my dad, little brother and I went to Borås Zoo. I just love going there and is one of the best things about living in Borås. So we strolled around and had a really nice day. So I tough you might wanted to see some of the animals and their babes!

Can we start with this African goat? She is the cutest! If I ever got a goat it would be this one.
 The giraffes seemed to have a romantic dinner, sheering a floating basket of hay.
 And they have a baby, I think it´s a he, not even a month old :) So cute but he didn´t look too happy.
 And the elephants have a mini too!
 I don´t know if I just love the zebras because of their look or that they are striped horses?!
 But in any case, they are beautiful!
 But there is nothing wrong with spots ;)
 Got a feeling that I wasn´t the only one alone on valentines...
 His friend seemed to flirt more with the ones on the other side of the glass ;)
 At lest the seal have each other
 And the bunnies snuggled up together. <3
I hope that you had a good valentines and that if you ever end up in Borås, you visit the Zoo!

O and I have a new video up in YouTube, you can click here on the sidebar :)
Love Julia

Friday, February 14, 2014

All that spring

Don´t judge me now but I have a new Tilda paper pad, "All That Spring", I mean there is a bunny with wings! That colors and the bunny and all beautiful flower, just pure love!

And sense it´s the 14 of February what is more perfect than love? Today´s card is a card only using the "all that spring" papers

The colors are Pink and peal blue for this card to a friend of mine that are injured and need some love to heal ;)
 And by now you know what I like to do to my roses. I like them white and then spry them with a pink perfect pearl mist, or dip them in it.
 This bunny is a cut-out  in the pad and is just so cute so he got the best place ;)
 This mod pogde Resin butterfly is just coated with a lilac pearl paint.
 Even the inside got some lovely cut-outs.

I hope this card will help my friend feel better and that you all like this card, because I love it! 
I tell you to get this pad while you can, if not just because the bunny with wings!

Love Julia <3

Saturday, February 8, 2014


I have never made sugar-cookies, you know the really pretty ones with icing in beautiful colors so I wanted to try. Why not go all out? So today it´s Afternoon Tea
 I wanted really cute och pretty cookies so I made the icing in pastel pink and yellow.

 It´s soon valentine´s day, why not give someone you love a plat with cookies? I would love that!

 I´m so in love with this and will make many more. The cookies cutters are from Panduro Hobby. They comes in packs of two and looks like signs, so cute!

If you can´t get enough of this "Afternoon Tea" then check out this board on Pintrest: afternoon-tea
Love Julia

Friday, February 7, 2014

Valentin's Tilda

It´s friday! and I have just been to the dentist... not very fun, but one thing that is fun is today's card! A Valentinedays card with a super cute Magnolia stamp.

With this card I wanted to try something new, more colors.
This bubble is just clued on a paper with a key design. The flowers are all Prima from a wild flower pillar.
 The "Love" is from a panduro washi-tape on top of a cardstock.
 The small roses are white from PyHobby that I just dipped in  a brown mist with blue shimmer.
 Colored with distressed ink and and some stickles for her halo.

I hope you like it and maybe got inspired to try something new
Love Julia