Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Julia Testing: Panduro Macaroons

I´m not a cake-mix kind of girl so when I got this kit from my sister for my birthday I was stunned. But I deiced to go with it and give it a try. So today I´m testing: Panduros Macaroons kit.

 So together with Arvid as the cameraman, lets get started. We started with the macaroon mix and lukewarm water.
 The mixing took some time
 When the mixing was done it looked and felt like cement.
 Time for some color! the kit comes with red, blue and yellow so you can mix any color you want.
 We put the mix in the piping-bag, that also comes with the kit.
 It truly was like piping pink cement, I just couldn´t get nice round shapes.
 So we let the the "cement" rest for 30 min before puting them in the oven and began to mix the butter-cream.
 So just adding milk
 and mix together.
 This is the finished macaroons.... Well first of all it looks like the macaroons as acne and then the butter-cream looks not very tasty...
 In the kit you get this cute little gift boxes to put the macaroons in.
So if you want to make macaroons but think baking is hard and boring then this is for you. But if you are like me and enjoy baking and find the baking relaxing then this is not for you. The taste was not there and the macaroon was way to compact for my liking. And another thing about this cake mixes, all brands, is that it´s not just sugar and flour. It´s some much E- stuff and anti crackle things. I think I´m sticking to baking from scratch.

The other thing is that when you´re baking you know what you put in, here you get a bag that you´ll mix with milk/ water. But when I bake I know what happens when I put eggs and sugar. And that is what I love with baking.

I love Panduro but I will not buy this kit or any other baking kit. But that is all that I wont buy because you all know how much I love their papers! But I really think you should try it if baking is not your thing.

I hope you all have a great week!

Love Julia