Sunday, August 28, 2016

Big things are happening!

So many things are happening now and I am so happy and slightly nerves. I'm starting a new school and that means a slight change in youtube-schedule. There still be two video every week, but now in the weekend.
The all of the pretty new stuff are starting to come to the store, ready for us to do some shopping. I have a few *allot* on my wish list and some projects planed using this.
I have also started to plan my December album, using the Crate paper "Snow & Cocoa" I have pre-orderd these at Mei Li Paperie
Aslo I have signed up for Andreas new Traveler notebook class and I'm so exited to see all of her fun ideas!

And I also wanted to say a big thank you, to all subscribers and watchers!

Love Julia

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Destails 12x12 using C'est La Vie by Pink Pasilee

I have always been a number person, that was intill I got sick and my head took a time out. One of the first things I noticed when I got fibro was that I had a really hard time in math class. I'm saying I was a amazing but I was good so when I couldn't figur it out I got really scared. Now I know why and it still a pain but I know it's not because I'm stupid, just sick. ... So I wanted to tell that story, that I have always preferred numbers and what happened when I got sick. Also now when I'm going back to school how having fibro will make it all harder but that I'm willing to do work hard!
Enough chatting, here is the process and photos:

I love how this page come out, all the numbers and the gold! I know that we all have allot of number and it can be channeling to use them, here I let the numbers inspire me to tell a story about myself. Made be you can tell a story about being a number person (if you are on), a number person you know, your favorit number, a big birthday or maybe you hate math? Let the numbers inspire you!

Monday, August 22, 2016

Cute Indeed 12x12 Scrapbook using Felicity Jane

Sometimes you just have to sit down and play! The other day I had one of those days and I had so much fun, nor even noticing that the camera died...

I was inspired my some really awesome youtube-ladies; Suse & Adele and I had just had so much fun. I did Adele's heart thing and some tight layers around the photo à la Suse
 The hearts are from a scrap paper but the layers, stamps and confetti pocket is from Felicity Jane. I just love that the kits comes with "finishing details". The small things to finish off a page.

 I do love my black, it really helps to add contrast and interest to a page. Here I have used some foam thinkers from Amy Tangerine "Grace" , love that they come not just with words but with some cute details like hearts and swirly thingis. 

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Treasure Hunting & Crafting

More treasure hunting this weekend. Today my sister, brother and my cousin Cajsa headed to a flea market hosted by the soccer team. I had never been before but heard such good things and it really was good! The plan was covered with tents, one for each category. 

 I got some really good stuff, like a wire basket, an archive-box, 
vintage books and some sewing things. 

 And yes, that is a glass dish... filled with embroidererthread... 
 We then stopped at a second hand shop and I found muffins tray that I have been wanting for a long time and I was to happy to find a small one!
 So tonight I just had to sit down and play! First was my long awaited tray:
 I love how it turned out, I put the things I use all the time and the some cute ephemera that I usually store in boxes. I think I will use more of this cuteness now when I see it. 
 Next on my list was making some tiny tassels with the embroidery thread. I love doing this and they are so fun to use on layouts and projects. 
 Such fun colors!
 One of the things I was so exited about was a bag with old seam-binding and I just couldn't wait to try to spray with my Heidi Shines. They turned out so pretty. As a write this they still haven't dried but they are really shimmery. 
 Tried the Heidi Swapp thing with masking of to get a striped look and LOVE IT!! So cute. Here I used; Raspberry, Sweet Mint, Sweet Mint masked, Pink, Gold and Navy and Teal.

I just a such a great time and so fun to come home and just play messy hands and all!

Now it is late and time for bed! 

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

3 Projects with 1 stampset; The Bibliophile by Pink Fresh

For a book lover like myself there is one stamp set that I just had to have.  The Bibliophile by Pink Fresh is so fun and cute yet very functional. The thing that got me was the book info stamp but when I get it I got all of these ideas of what I could do with the other stamps:

3 super fun and quick projects, like a patterned paper, epoxy-flairs and bookmarks. 
 The icons in this stamp set fit perfectly in an 1" punch and there for became cute epoxy-flairs. These will be so cute on a layout, in Project Life and in my travelers notebook!
Make your own patterned paper. I did one is black and one in mint. The black I really love, not sure where to use it but for now I will just sitt and look at it.
A good bookmark is a must have for any book lover and these I think turned out so cute!

I hope these projects has inspired you to give them a try!

Monday, August 15, 2016

Treasure Hunting at Gärdhem 2016

I do love to go treasure hunting and I haven't done that this summer so this Saturday I just decided to head to one om my favorite "treasure-caves".
There always allot of pepole but sometimes it's just too much. Luckily I did find some treasures that I have been looking for. A milk-cow, I want one in black & white but this one is really cute. Cake stands are always on my list and this one is in glass and a tiny one. Top make my day I found 5 Agatha Christie pockets in both English and Swedish. I call that a pretty good treasure-hunting-day!
 I have a Travelers notebook insert for my treasures, I'm that nerdy...
 Nothing fancy I just think it will be fun to look back on when and were I got the stuff and why i got them. I put down the details but also why and what I liked the best from that day.
 This day's score was definitely the books. All of these for a total of 78kr 
(not 48kr as on the page I clearly can not count in the evening...)
 I usually spend under 100kr (about 10 Euro) I collect coffee cups and cake-stands and almost always but something of glass.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Borås Zoo august 2016

This past Saturday my sister and I took a trip to the zoo. We have an amazing zoo in our town that we go to at least once. I took with me my new watercolor set that i made HERE and i did some quick sketches. We had a really great time and got the see some really cute babies!

I did some quick sketches and it was so fun, they didn't turned out "amazing" but it was so fun to just do it right next to them!

If you ever found yourself in Borås, check out the zoo. They have beautiful animals and if you check the feeding times your get to see so many of them.

Monday, August 8, 2016

DIY watercolor set

I love my watercolors and I have quite a few... But I would really want to bring them with me and paint "on-the-go".  So I found this super cute pen tin that I used way back and thought it would be perfect! Paints on the top "shelf" and water-brushes and pens under.
I used my old tube pains and just a blob of each. I know I will use more earth tones and green so I placed those in the ends and the reds and ultra marin in the middle. 

I'm so happy with how it turned out, just perfect!! This will work beautifully with any pen tin but i like that I can have my water-brushes and pen all together (minimizing the risk of forgetting something)

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Studio Julia K tour

The 30th July I had my first open house in my new studio. The space is in our stable that dad is re-building, so cleaning that took days!. I have to say I was a bit nerves, thinking that maybe no one would show up, the fika to run out or you know, just nerves. How ever it went great! Here is how it looked before everyone came:
"Wildlife" wall
 fika table with 3 different traditional cookies and coffee. 
 the swans
 Inside my studio to the right
 Studio though the door, just love how clean it is!
 and to the left

It really was fun, many came and many of my painting got new homes. I also got a few custom orders. That was really great so now I have so work to do!

Monday, August 1, 2016

DIY Traveler's notebook insert using Felicity Jane

My love for my Traveler's notebook keeps going strong. I have started making an insert per month. I love how this works out and that I have a book per month. I still do project life weekly but I have to have my "day books". I these books (now monthly) I have one page/day and there I write what I have done, to do lists and some time just journaling from that day.

For my august book I wanted to use my Felicity Jane kits and I love how it turned out!

 On each page I stamp the "details of today" stamp from the "Next Stop" stamp set, then the date with a roller stamp, here  I have the Heidi Swapp one. In the right corner I stamp the day and in the left I just doodle the weather. (By the way it's raining big time here today!)

I'm so happy with how it turned out! The book is about a centimeter too short (I had used this striped paper on an other project but really wanted to use it here) but I don't care.  Love the flowers and the wood frame and I'm just really happy with it! (can you tell?)