Tuesday, July 29, 2014

My brain is of on vacation

I can´t believe that it´s been a week sens my last post! My brain is so in summer mod and there is nothing I can do about it.Well it´s not all true, we have had some problem with our internet connection one of the many perks of living out in nowhere ;)

But last week the puppies came, 4 boys and 3 girls and after that everything has been around them. How ever they are all perfectly healthy and gaining wight like crazy, just like they should be doing.
 So here is some photos direct from my phone, no editing just like this post...

Kerstin with her puppies that all has names after currency; Florin, Dollar, Rubel, Peso, Penny, Lira & Leone.  
 So the last few weeks has been amazing weather! Sun almost every day and really hot, so I have spent the days painting with my distress markers. Loving the result you get with the markers and the colors are so pretty.
 Here is Florin, sleeping on his back. I sat like this for 15 min before he moved so I with good conscience could put him down.
 So right now it´s about midnight and I have just got home from fishing with my dad and brother. We didn´t catch anything but we had a really nice time testing dads new electric engine! (for you how are not fishing enthusiasts, the electric engine is really quiet so it´s nice to have when fishing)

I have allot of projects to share with you the up coming week, let´s just hope my brain is back from vacation by then ;)

Love Julia

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

album for Barock

The video is HERE


So the other day I was looking trough my desk draws and happened to find an old 8*8 album about my late horse, Barock. It only had 3 layouts and I thought that it would be fun to finish it. Now I haven´t worked on a 8*8 sens I started on this album and that was years ago, so that was the first challenge. And the second I think is rather obvious...
 Starting on an album about someone that you loved so much and now have past away is really hard, especially when this album is already started on. Bu now I really wanted to finish it and I think that no matter how hard I try I will never be 100% happy with is.
 So I just told myself that I  was just going to play with the photos that I had and anything will be better then nothing.  So I packed up my little blue basket, added a 8*8 pad and 2 6*6 pad took my camera and went out side.
This layout you see me starting on in the video but my camera cuts it of. So this photo already had a layout that I decided to take apart. I like this one better with the black and the colors I used on the other layouts.
 This one I went with a more green feel with some orange.
 This is the layout that I started on, it´s my favorite photo of him and I wanted it really clean so just a white background and a blue paper that I made with distress markers. The juornaling tag is from Primas "Sea shore" 3*4 and I just stuck it under so the boat is hidden.
 Using that same paper and embellishments makes it so easy to create different layout that tie together. Here is that 8*8 paper as base (I have know idea what the pad is called but it´s very pink, green and blue) than a 4*6 atc from prima "sea shore", doily and that black lace washi-tape. Simple layout where the atc card also work as the title.
 This layout the camera cut out too... But same though, 8*8 as base, doily and black. That {create memories} is from a prima packaging. and the camera from rhonna design app.
So I have 5 more layout to make and I have put some photos in my "photos to print" folder. But so far I really like it, just going to add the journaling but I think I will wait for that till I have the other layouts. I´m glad that I found this and that I have started to work on it. I hope you like it and that you like the VIDEO, have great day
Love Julia

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Cover your photo

Happy weekend everyone!

Today I have a layout to share with you. I really like it but something went really wrong and now I just... hugh! Any way I can start of with telling you what I do like about it. I was so inspired by this video by luv2scrapinva and the way she made here own paper with just paper-strips! So I thought that is a great way to use up some scraps, witch is good sens I´m on a mission to do just that!

So I cut up paper into 1cm strips and started gluing (I made some 4*6 and 3*4 card too) But it was a bit to bright so I did a white wash and some modeling past. I wanted the colors to go together with the colors in the photo. And after adding all of the white it got so much better!
 I wanted that pink-ish color so I took out a 4*4 card that I had made in the rhonna deisgn app. The journaling (I have journaling!) I just wrote on a white piece of paper and put it over. I used some black lace washi tape to "frame" in and the some red pearls, they are more like a red-orange color. I like the black and red with the pastel colors, maybe tring that again....
 And here is where it went wrong... I just had to have some black ink splatter and didn´t cover my photo... And sure enough I got ink on my photo and when I tried to whip it away it only got worse...
 So now the photo that had such lovely colors now looks really dirty and some of it came of so I have a white spec on my forehead.
On the hole I like the fresh feel of it and that it´s not so matchy with the black, red and the pastel colors. I am happy with it and next time I will cover my photo!!!

Love Julia

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Julia the horsegroom

To many of you I´m a scraper/crafter/painter but for the people in my "real life" I´m the Horse-Girl. We all have different hats to wear, some fit better then others. One of my most comfortable hats is really a riding helmet. I have been riding sens I was about 3 years old, my parents has always had horses and I have had 4 of my own. Horses has been a HUGE part of my life and was the reason I started scrapbooking. To document our completions and later more everyday training.

Later on I went to school, horse grooming. So if you didn´t know; I´m a trained horse groom. The last year at school we went in different lines, Dressage for me. Last winter and this winter I was working at the riding-school and loved it! But here is the thing: as a rider we forget (more like ignore) our self so after falling of one to many times and not doing anything about it my back just said NO! Witch no looking back was a good thing. So this spring I have been 2 times a week at my rehab center working out. I feel better and stronger even though I won´t the result faster...

So now I´m standing here without horses for the first time, I don´t have any and don´t work with any. And for someone how all her life has been the Horse girl that is hard. Lucky for me I have have had scrapbooking for a long time and that is what I spend my time on (I think you might have noticed) But of course it´s not the same, I don´t get that same adrenalin rush from scrapbooking. And the connection, that I really miss. So now once in a while my aunt asks me to go with here to competitions as a groom. I love going with her and being in a environment where I feel like home.

One day I will start riding again but in till then I am Julia the horsegroom

Here is from yesterday´s adventures:
Love Julia

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Rambo- layout

Good Evening to you all!
(well it´s really more like night...) Today I have been at my aunts summerhouse with my little brother. I really like it there with the pool and bad internet. She has worked so hard re-doing the little house and now it´s coming together so prettily!

So that is when I´m sitting in bed at night writhing this and uploading a *new video*.

But you want to see the layout that I made with Christmas papers! and here it is:
 I really wanted a soft shabby chic layout with more black contrast (like the washi-tape and dymo label) I did get a bit frustrated when the distress ink started to bleed out on the big spots...
 But over all I like it, is not very denominational and not so many embellishments, but maybe that is the reason why
Rambo was my Valentin last year: 14 February 2013

Paper: Sweet Christmas (English link)
           Rhonna Design app
           Distress ink- "Black soot"
           Black lace washitape
           Date-stamp (Swedish link)
           Horseshoe ribbo
           Flair Button  

More projects with the "Sweet Christmas"-pad:
I hope you like the layout and the video and if you want  me to make this material lists? 

Love Julia

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Cheval- mixed media

*New Video*

Hello. I hope you are having a great weekend! Here in Sweden we have had such good weather that I´m almost chocked! I have been sitting outside drawing under our pavilion-tent-thing.

But today I have a new video to share with you, the topic: Use-up-scraps!
After finishing my latest mini album I had allot of tiny scrap-pieces that I wanted to use. In normal case I would trough those away but sens I´m on a mission, I really wanted to see just what I could make with them. And here is what happened:

I really like how this turned out with all of the hard-wear and the colors. I really like the colors.
And if you want to see how it came together:  Look HERE

Love Julia

Thursday, July 10, 2014

The bloom-girl Joy part 1

Hello all lovely people!

Today I have 2 pieces to show you! The first one is a art-journal page and the other is a card. Kristinas scrapbooking is selling out the Bloom-Girl stamps and sens I was going to pick up a few new distress marker I saw my chance to get my hands on one of them! I pick Joy, she is just so beautiful!

So in normal order I just had to play with her and my new markers ("seedless perserves", "ripe persimmon", "squeezed lemonade" & "mustard seed") So I thought I would show you what I did!

So starting with the art-journal page:
I wanted a really fun page with allot of colors and a water color feel
 Skin & hair: "tea dye" & "walnut stain". Eyes: "peacock feathers" Flowers: "ripe persimmon" Berries: "seedless preserves" Leafs: "peeled paint" In the centers of the flower I painted with gold

 The background is distress markers, white paint, gold paint and chunky embossing powder.
 On all of the berries and the purple heart, I went over them with a glittery nailpolish.
 The title is partly hand written and partly is from Rhonna design

 Love Julia

The bloom-girl Joy part 2

So like I said before I made two things with this lovely stamp and now I want to show you the card:

So to me she looks a little like a statue with flowers growing on her. So I colored her only with "pumice stone" distress marker and stamped in grey a crackle stamp on here. The flowers are colored with "mustard seed", "picked raspberry" , "spun sugar" & "ripe persimmon"
 The sentiment on the card is "I will Statyr to you" like "I will stay true to you" (Statyr is Swedish for statue)

I really like this card with the fun colors and Joy looking so cool
I hope you like it!
Love Julia

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Cartographer- mini album

{you can buy the album here}

I´m so happy to finally shear this project with you guys! I made a mini album with Prima´s Cartographer collection a few days a ago and I have spent days editing the video that is about 30 minutes long! (HERE!) I wanted to show you the different steps of this mini not just the paper and cover but how I was thinking and how I made the flowers.

So I really hope you like it and here is allot of photos:

I really wanted to stay true to the color scheme with the neutrals black and gold. I really like the effect that that glass pearls gives, and the colors fitted so nicely. so if you want to see just how this came toghtere check out this video!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Svea- The Queen

*new video HERE*

Hello everyone! Today I have a layout to show you and just so you know; I love It!
The reason you why you can feel surprise in my voice is because I used a sketch and I normally have a hard time with them, so you can understand how happy I am now when it look so good! The sketch I was inspired by was Primas- BAP (Build-A-Page)

I grabbed my Prima papers, bling and leafs, put on some music and just had a really good time with inks and allot of paint.

And as you all now I´m on a mission to use up my scraps, all the papers are Prima but from 3 different collections; "Romance Novel" (the only 12*12) the rest is scraps from: "Sea Shore" and "Time Travelers memories" .
 I´m so happy with this black flowers with the gold edge, even the leafs got a slab of gold on them
 The layers behind the photo is packaging from different collections, I have to say that I love that Prima makes such cute packaging so you can use it and don´t just through it away.
 Here she is, The Queen, on the windowsill. I took this photo a while back but she is always sitting on the windowsill, odd cat.
 The "Time travelers memories"- bling fits perfect! 

I hope you like it and if you want to see how I put this together check out this video: *HERE*

Love Julia