Saturday, July 19, 2014

Cover your photo

Happy weekend everyone!

Today I have a layout to share with you. I really like it but something went really wrong and now I just... hugh! Any way I can start of with telling you what I do like about it. I was so inspired by this video by luv2scrapinva and the way she made here own paper with just paper-strips! So I thought that is a great way to use up some scraps, witch is good sens I´m on a mission to do just that!

So I cut up paper into 1cm strips and started gluing (I made some 4*6 and 3*4 card too) But it was a bit to bright so I did a white wash and some modeling past. I wanted the colors to go together with the colors in the photo. And after adding all of the white it got so much better!
 I wanted that pink-ish color so I took out a 4*4 card that I had made in the rhonna deisgn app. The journaling (I have journaling!) I just wrote on a white piece of paper and put it over. I used some black lace washi tape to "frame" in and the some red pearls, they are more like a red-orange color. I like the black and red with the pastel colors, maybe tring that again....
 And here is where it went wrong... I just had to have some black ink splatter and didn´t cover my photo... And sure enough I got ink on my photo and when I tried to whip it away it only got worse...
 So now the photo that had such lovely colors now looks really dirty and some of it came of so I have a white spec on my forehead.
On the hole I like the fresh feel of it and that it´s not so matchy with the black, red and the pastel colors. I am happy with it and next time I will cover my photo!!!

Love Julia