Monday, February 22, 2016

Right Now- scrapbook process

A few weeks ago I shard a card and a layout using the Crate paper Confetti dies.
I love these dies and use them mostly to cut out leafs from watercolor paper. The "scrap" from the die cuts are so pretty I have made several pages with them and here is one:
This page is a "right now" page with stuff I like right now. So I thought, if i'm to make a page about what I like right now, I should use the stuff I like right now to make it... deep...
But I do really like the "scrap"/negativ space that the dies makes and it makes an interesting layer on the page without adding to much weight. 
 I had so much fun making this page and I think it's one of those pages that will be fun making over and over and the "right now" stuff changes. 
 So right now jan/feb 2016 I like:
to read: swedish history
to drink: ice-coffee
to eat: sandwiches
watching: Baka med Manuela
listening to: The scrap gals
making: scrapbooking
wanting: holiday
avoiding: bad weather
training: rally-O & french

Papers: Crate Paper "Hello Love" & "Craft Market"
             Webstre's pages "Beautiful Chic"
Dies: Crate Paper "Confetti"
Stamps: Crate Paper "Shine roller phrase stamp"
              7 Papers "Darcy"
              American Crafts "Shimelle roller date stamp"
Washi: PyHobby 

related videos:

I'm so happy with this page and I hope to have given you some inspiration...
More layout will be coming soon with "die-scraps"
Love Julia

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Love Emmet- A4 scrapbook page with Crate Paper & WeRMK

The album about my school years at Strömma is... coming along... I think I want to focus on telling big stories, that has stuck with me. Things I learned or important events and people. 
This story is about a horse. A very special horse named Eminente...

Emmet, as he was known, was indeed a special horse. He  believed to be the most handsome stallion ever lived and that everyone should treat him as a king. Now the sad truth was that he of course wasn't a stallion and not very handsome...
 So why was he so special? 
Emmet was a pain to ride, as many honest horses are, if you don't do it right, they will not go right.  He was very honest, but he also had "trust issues" which ment you really had to prov yourself worthy of him. After a time, I did (but boy did I have to fight for it!) after that he was a dream to ride and I learned so much from him. That is what the story for this layout is about, how lucky I was to get to know this horse and how much he learned me. I will always remember the feeling of when he really worked and how bad he was at jumping even though he loved it! (How he got over the jumped alive no one knows)

 I found out some month ago that he had past and even though I hadn't seen him sens I left school a little bit of my heart hurt. I was offered to buy him when I left (like I mentioned he was hard to ride and not many wanted to challenge him) I don't know if bringing him home with me would have made him live longer or kept me healthier but given the chans, I would go back and bring him home.
Papers: WrMK- love notes & Crate Paper- Hello Love
Washi: Py hobby
Embellishments: Crate Paper- Hello Love
Love Julia

Monday, February 15, 2016

"Prom"- A4 scrapbook layout- using coloringbooks

How many of us have one or more of these "adult coloring books"? How often do you sit down to color in them? I don't. Now there is so many to choose from but I find that many of them have such tiny spaces that coloring them is not relaxing, it just gives me a headache... On my birthday I got two and I was like... "really?!" But I'm determined to use them, in one way or another! 

So one night I sat down with one of them books got out a few pages and colored. Distress markers, water colors and mists. I had a plan; backgrounds!

This one just went perfectly with these photos from my prom three years ago and I decided to make  a "pretty" layout. 
 I picked all of my favorit embellishments and just had so much fun. This page will (hopefully) be apart of other ages about my time at gymnasiet. My plan is to make "pretty" layout and then have the story typed on the other side. That is the plan anyway. 
 So what I wanted to share was the idea of using odd materials (like wall paper) or papers that we might not think of to use in our scrapbooks. For me, using the coloring-books, will hopefully give them a purpurs instead of gathering dust on my bookshelf. 
The book I have used here is "Vintage Patterns" by Karrusel Forlag colored with distress markers i "milled lavender", "seedless preserves" & "cracked pistachio" 

Love Julia

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

True Stories: New Year

This wallpaper thing has just begun! I love it!
Well it's a specific one, white with black vintage frames on. I have been cutting them out in dussins and have them under a big book to flatten out. 
This layout, like Monday's have some of the cute frames.

I find it so easy building a page with the frames, they are so much in of them self that I don't need to add much more to get a "finished" design. The background is WeRMK- Wildflower and the title & embellishments are Crate Paper.
 One thing to keep in mind working with wallpaper is to use more tape/adhesiv. Now I don't know how them will hold up for 100 years but I don't care, they are cute! 
 The story here is about how we spent New Years, I was so bad and my mom stayed home with me. Not that that hasn't happened before but I knew she wanted to see her friends and celebrate. So that day it was huge and I'm so lucky to have such a supporting mother

Love Julia

Monday, February 8, 2016

True Stories: Mer Skum- using wallpaper

Scrapbooking for me is a chance to tell my stories in a fun and interesting way. I think I sometime forget this, that the end point is that these pages are, hopefully, to be read. 
Making pages that has meaningful stories, fun facts or just are humorous, ones are the ones that will be saved, and loved. This one is not about a life changing event or reflecting of deep thoughts. 
This one is about bubble baths...

Well it sort of a meaningful story, at least I want to tell it.
The thing is that taking baths really helps me with my pain and dealing with my fibro.
The hot water, burning candles and yummy-smelling bubbles helps to relax both body and mind.
 Now let´s talk about the page, I love it! I'm ridiculously prude or coming up with this idea and how it turned out. I wanted a bathroom feel, tiles and bubbles coming over the page. I used wall-paper for the "tiles" and odd ephemera jars. I mean I love how they look here, but what an odd thing to have in a scrapbook line...
 The "bubbles" are punshed out acetate, vellum in clear and blue, sequins and enameldots. 
 The frame is also cut out from a wall-paper, I just think it's so fun using other things and testing weird ideas. Like scrapbooking about my bathroom...
I hope you've liked this page, and the story
Love Julia

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Sunday week 5

First week of February is over and here in Sweden it looks like the winter is too. This week has been hard, the fibro but also my desk-project resulting in very limited crafting. Now that is for many not a big deal but for me, crafting is the one thing I can do when in pain... Anyway my desk top is back and painted white, what a differens!

 I also got some stuff online, to a very good price that I'm so excited to use. The first package came on Monday, the best day to get fun things. All the stuff are from Scrap&Ting's sale section but I think it was really good.
 From PYhobby, I was "only" to get the dye inks and tape... Well the washi was the designs I've been looking for and that A5 paper pad is so perfect for layering! And just now I got an email with the new stuff they just got in... deep breath and look away.

The ink is not the best quality but I don't have colored ink and I had orded a stamp set that just needs pretty colors. This stamp set I've been wanting for so long and now that I have it, I love it!! I got it from Pyssloteket and they have a really good service. 
Now I have seen alot of youtubers using this set and one thing I can say is that you really need to practices. But also that I don't think they need to be stamped perfectly either.  

The stamp set will defiantly show up in some upcoming videos. I filmed some yesterday and I've edited the one going up on tomorrow and now the one for Wednesday. Those layout I really like, both the stories but also in using some different materials...
Not saying any more now. Have a great week 6
Love Julia

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Watercolor Flowers -layout-

How many scrapbooker makes cards? How many card-makers scrapbook? 
Well I do
So my last blog and video was showing one of my favorite was to use the dies from Maggie Holmes and how easy it is to use for a card. Now I think it is just as easy to use as an embellishment for a layout.
Taking inspiration from the flowers I picked paper to layer on 2/3 of the page. 
 With the flowers so big I only used some tiny wood stars and some navy ink to embellish. 
 Having the big flowers and coordination papers makes a big, letting me keep the design really simple. 
I hope you will give it a try, making your own embellishments and playing with patterns and color

Love Julia

Monday, February 1, 2016

Watercolor Flowers -cards-

This summer I at long last bought myself a Big Shot. I've been wanting one for... a very long time. 
I already had a few dies but there was one set I just loved and had to have, the Crate Paper - Maggie Holmes -"Confetti! flower set!! I could see so many thing with this set and I haven't stopped playing with it sens. 

One thing I love to do is my own leafs of watercolor paper. So this week I though I might show you how I make my watercolor flowers with two different techniques and how I use them, for cards and on Wednesday, on a layout. 

I have done allot of leafs in other colors to add on my layouts and I just love them. It's a perfect project to sitt down with when one doesn't feel overly creative. I usually have a bowl of them on my desk, easy to grab.

 They are perfect for cards, like this or cut from patterned paper. Use just the flower on a plain background or spice it up with some embellishments. 

 On these cards I made a bigger flower in yellow, green leafs with pink platters and mated on patterned paper. 
 A few pearls, gold twine and a pretty border and you have a easy but super cute card!