Wednesday, February 10, 2016

True Stories: New Year

This wallpaper thing has just begun! I love it!
Well it's a specific one, white with black vintage frames on. I have been cutting them out in dussins and have them under a big book to flatten out. 
This layout, like Monday's have some of the cute frames.

I find it so easy building a page with the frames, they are so much in of them self that I don't need to add much more to get a "finished" design. The background is WeRMK- Wildflower and the title & embellishments are Crate Paper.
 One thing to keep in mind working with wallpaper is to use more tape/adhesiv. Now I don't know how them will hold up for 100 years but I don't care, they are cute! 
 The story here is about how we spent New Years, I was so bad and my mom stayed home with me. Not that that hasn't happened before but I knew she wanted to see her friends and celebrate. So that day it was huge and I'm so lucky to have such a supporting mother

Love Julia