Monday, February 8, 2016

True Stories: Mer Skum- using wallpaper

Scrapbooking for me is a chance to tell my stories in a fun and interesting way. I think I sometime forget this, that the end point is that these pages are, hopefully, to be read. 
Making pages that has meaningful stories, fun facts or just are humorous, ones are the ones that will be saved, and loved. This one is not about a life changing event or reflecting of deep thoughts. 
This one is about bubble baths...

Well it sort of a meaningful story, at least I want to tell it.
The thing is that taking baths really helps me with my pain and dealing with my fibro.
The hot water, burning candles and yummy-smelling bubbles helps to relax both body and mind.
 Now let´s talk about the page, I love it! I'm ridiculously prude or coming up with this idea and how it turned out. I wanted a bathroom feel, tiles and bubbles coming over the page. I used wall-paper for the "tiles" and odd ephemera jars. I mean I love how they look here, but what an odd thing to have in a scrapbook line...
 The "bubbles" are punshed out acetate, vellum in clear and blue, sequins and enameldots. 
 The frame is also cut out from a wall-paper, I just think it's so fun using other things and testing weird ideas. Like scrapbooking about my bathroom...
I hope you've liked this page, and the story
Love Julia