Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Out & About 12x12 scrapbook Maggie Holmes "Bloom"

When I sitt down to scrapbook I have a crate next to me with printed photos from the past months. I go through them to pick one or if I already have a story in mind, find the photo I had thought about. But How about the older ones? The ones from years ago that are pretty but just sit there without a story? The other day I found a photo of myself that my mom had taken during a walk in the woods. I had a story I wanted to tell and that photo was just perfect.

I wanted to document how much I love walking in our woods, how much better I feel when coming home and the best part of the walks. Bird song, the air, Wiola and sunshine through the branches. 

 What is with this cat? Everytime, she comes 

Products used: 
Stamp for background: Alt e New "Vinage Roses" 
*Annoying cat *