Sunday, April 24, 2016

Bargains at Secondhand April 23

Yesterday my sister, brother and I took a trip after tennis. There is this house, not far from us, Gärdhem. It's a huge house and filled with treasures. It's open Saturdays and always lots of peoples but also, lots os bargains.  But we started at my favorit shop in town, 

Total spending: 90kr 
(included was 2 Donald Duck pockets, a gift for poor little brother for taging along) 
I see this mint bike basket and had to have it! 
Bike basket: 30kr
(I washed it and striped the plastic ribbons of it, look so pretty now!) 
 i have decided not to buy a tea/coffee service for when moving out, but collect old odd ones. At Emaus I found these pretty 4 for 10kr each.
 4 cups and saucers: 40kr 
We got there just an hour before closing but that didn't stop us from finding some good deals! 
Total spending: 110kr

I found a few of these embroidery sets, they are really tiny, comes with everything you need (apart from scissor) I got a cow and a house
2 embroidery sets: 20kr 
 I love the sewing counter and found 10 yarns and 2 hoops! I have searched for this wood kind but so hard to find! I love the color of the yarns, so summery. 
2 embroidery hoops: 30kr
10 embroidery yarns: 50kr 
 And a new typewriter...
I already have 2, one that doesn't work and one the is rather faint. This little guy however is really tiny and has a very nice ribbon. I'm so happy to have found a smaller one and the price was perfect! It's easy to handle, even on my desk, the other one is way to heavy for me and takes up so much space! 
1 typewriter: 30kr
 Coming home, W inspects the treasures and even she is happy about the typewriter! 
 Last night I made my little cow, not very good and not following instructions, but I think she is rather cute. However I think for my house, I might split the yarn to 3, here I used the full, 6. (With fram it's 3"x4"). 

We had a great time and I love these outings, searching after pretty stuff others don't want. For just 200kr I think I got some really fun things that I know I will use!

Love Julia