Wednesday, July 27, 2016

DIY traveler's notebook cover

Like I said in my previous video, I couldn't wait to start playing with my new pocket sized travelers' notebook! This came with three inserts with kraft covers, perfect for making your own design!

I wanted to make some fun and cute designs and using paints and paint pens. Two of the books I know what to do with but the third... not sure.
 Can't get over how cute this little TN is. It's the black-brown from Alice's Sweet Castle 
 First in is my swan book, blank pages and perfect for sketching. I coated the books with an acrylic pearlescent ink and love how they look, a bit hard to photograph how ever.
 Next book is for all types of questions so I just did a quick Frans and W on the cover.
 The last book still has no job, but i'm sure I can find something, just love the glow on his one!

I think they all turned out so cute! I plan on having this in my bag, ready to sketch on the go. For now I just look at it and smell it...

Monday, July 25, 2016

Shopping at Aliexpress & 5 tips on thing perfect for crafters!

Hi! Today I thought I would shear some thoughts on shopping at Aliexpress. At Aliexpress you can find pretty much anything for much less then you would normally pay. That is great but they also have allot of awesome stuff for us craft nerds!!

I have shopped there for a few month and think it's great! The best part is the price. You can find so much for so much less. You can find almost anything and some really cool thing you didn't even knew you needed! So what's the catch? Well as any other online stores, you can't be sure of what you get intill you get it... and that can take some time. To Sweden it usually takes about 3-4 weeks. Now sometimes it takes less and some time it's longer.

So when shopping at Ali, think of this; 
-Read all the information, especially the measurements. If you get clothes really read it!
-Read the feedback, here you can get an idea for how long the shipping is, if the things are what they promised and how the sellers deal with unhappy costumers.
- Look again, with free shipping and low prices you can and should take time to look around. Put the things in your cart and keep looking, go back and look again. Chances are you can find a better or to a better price.

Now here are my top 5 that I have found at Aliexress over the past couple of months. All the photos are from the store so you can see what I saw. Follow the links for more information.

The first i just had to shear is this: The glorious golden scissors *angels singing*
These are just so pretty! They cut really well but they are just so pretty!

Another thing I was so happy tho find was this set of bow-dies. They come in a set of three and to a great price. I have used them many times and love making felt-bow-paperclips. 

And here is something for my fellow artists; a set of 9 micron pens. Great price but the shipping was a bit longer for these but still, great value!
The 4th tip are these washi-tapes, they come from the same store and I found them to be really good quality and great price!

The best I saved for last; a Traveler's Notbook  from Alice's Sweet Castle. In this store you can find traveler's notebooks and all type of accessories. I have really like what i have ordered from them, good shipping time and  good quality. I just picked up my new pocket size book and it's so cute, can't wait till I gen play with it! (expect more videos!)
 I ordered the "bundle" and got the book with inserts and lots of goodies, really recommend this for those of you how want o try but don't want to spend allot.

Those where my tips on shopping and what to shop at Aliexpress. I hope this been informational to you and that you give it a go!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

"Captured" 12x12 scrapbook using Felicity Jane -note to self kit

I had so much fun making this page from Midsommar. Starting with watercoloring a flower reef and then adding photos, pretty papers and journaling. I took inspiration from the photos and actually started the page on the same day as I took these selfies. I wanted a page that really said; Midsommar!

The Felicity Jane -note to self kit is really growing on me and the more I use it the more I like it. the colors and patterns fitted perfectly as did the stamp set. 

Monday, July 18, 2016

DIY: Traveler's Notebook Insert

I love my traveler's notebook from Webster's Pages ans I use it all day, every day. Now, the TN is only as good as the books inside it and i like to make my own. They are so fun and easy to make!

The cover I showed how to make here . The inside pages (10 A4 sheets) are just copy paper of a 160g. I got that at the office store and it's so good! I started using this book in July (it's my July book) and I have stamped and done allot of water-coloring. 
This paper takes it so well for not being "proper"! 

So fold the papers and cover in the middle. Measure out the holes and saw together. Use a roller when cutting the pages and go slow!! Very slow, this will give you a nice edge. 

Now the cover is part Heidi Shine and part watercolor. The shine is beautiful but I found that it robed of in the TN. I just put a thin coat of matt medium on top.

Friday, July 15, 2016

ACT 12x12 scrapbook using Felicity Jane -Note to self kit

My one little word for 2016 is Agera, Act & Agir.
This word is something that I think about often and it really has helped and motivated me to do more.  I wanted to make a page now, half way through he year, of how it's working. How choosing to keep one word in mind can make a big difference. 

I picked a photo of myself and also a photo printed on vellum. I wanted to go with the colors in the photo, pink and emerald green. The Felicity Jane "Note to self" kit was just perfect for this.
 I used pink elements from the kit to frame the page. I didn't use much material to make this page it still makes an impact. The layered papers, the stitching and the different levels of transparency adds texture and interest. 
 The leafs are cut out with a die set from Maggie Holmes "Confetti" from emerald green water-colored paper. I finished the page but came back the next day and added the leafs. I just feel like was dead before...and then some Gold Heidi Shine splatters to finish the page of.

 The sentiments in the "Note to self" kit is just perfect. I stamped a bunch on printed labels and used them on everything. I like that the kit doesn't just comes with great products but also prompts to tell your stories. 
 A pink puffy heart to end the journaling about my word. A stain on the bottom of the page, compliments of Wiola while photographing the page...

I love how this page came out, not just because of how it looks but also it tells an importen story. 

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Haul: -july 2016 + Heidi Swapp Texturepaste & stencils review

About 2 weeks ago I made an order at, you know just the "must haves" like trimmer blades and gold Heidi Shine... But I also wanted to try the texture paste so I got the gold (surprise!) and a set of two stencils.

Shoppinglist (the must-haves):
Tim Holtz "Small Talk"
Heidi Swapp Color Shine "Gold"
Heidi Swapp texture paste "Gold"
Heidi Swapp Stencils "dots"
Well I just had to try the paste and stencils right away!
So here is my thoughts: 

The paste is amazing! It truly is gold-like, easy to work with and drys rather quickly. The only thing is the tub, not being able to put the paste back if you get too much. All in all 4,5 and I want more colors! The black and the teal are on my wishlist.
The stencils are of good quality, sturdy and thick. You get a nice and sharp look but I would have liked the material to be  easier to clean of. Also these I'll giva a 4,5.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Always Work Hard 12x12 scrapbook

I scrapbook allot about myself, and Wiola. Sense I got sick I really feel that scrapbooking about the ups and downs helps. I document when it feels like shit bu also when it feels better. I'm making these pages so later on if I'll get worse I can see what made me better or jut that it goes up and down.
This page is about how working out (the right way) really has helped. That I'm stronger in every way and that I'm so happy about that!

I wanted to make a page that seemed happy, like how i was feeling. The background is just left over paint and some inks. Then I wanted to layer a bunch of doilies under the photo. Definitely gong to do that again! 

The papers and embellishments are Pink Paislee "C'est La Vie" 
and the title is Crate Paper and Amy Tangerin. 

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

2016 title page Flower-reef

Sometimes I get these idea parts in my head that I just have to act on. It can be text, colors or well anything really. They pop up and I can think about them for day before I decide what to do with them. That is how this page started, a color comb pop up in my head and after a few days I knew what to make...

I wanted a flower-reef of pink, lilac and coral flowers stitched on to the background. The stitching I did when I go home and it took a couple of days but looking at it now; so worth it!!

2016- memories, thoughts and lessons.

For the flowers I used 3 inks from "Umbrella Crafts": Coral, Lilac Lane & Princess Pink. I had some matching embroidery thread and then I added some gold. I really like how it turned out, many hours and I think it will look perfect in my album!

Monday, July 11, 2016

Monica 12x12 scrapbook using Maggie Holmes "Bloom"

Hello! This week Monday to Friday I will have a new video everyday!!
Today I have a layout made from the scraps from the mini album I shared last week.
I have gotten so much inspiration from Hello Jillsky on youtube to start scrapbooking my family's older photos. This photo is of my grandmother at 10 ears old. I don't know if I will make more pages or how to make them but I really like how this one turned out.

I cut the scraps into 2x2" and then cut them on the diagonal. I used a tiny bit of tape to add them to the page before stitching them down like a quilt. This page is for my grandmother and she is very crafty, sawing, pottery and baking so I wanted something to fit her; quilt background. 

I will add some information to the tags later when I have it. I really like the end result and I'm hopping to do more o these pages with older photos. 

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Haul; Felicity Jane, Pyhobby and some *really cute* pens

Over the past weeks I have gotten a few very happy thing that I thought to share with you!

First; I'm so happy to finally get my Felicity Jane kits! I sign up for the international bundle for march/april (still haven't gotten those but hope to get them some time...) and now I got the may and june! Everything is so pretty and of such good quality.
 May kit: "Note to self"

 June kit: "Next stop"

 W is guarding the the kits from the paper thief, Majken...
 From PYhobby picked up some tape-refills (fun!), black & white washi (my other is almost at an end) and then I found some fun things from "La De Dah" A glue pen, gold stickers and sticky notes.
 I really like the colors of these but to call them sticky is a huge lie.
 This little book comes with 5 sheets of gol foiled stickers. The gold is really nice, cute design and very usable. Really recommend this one! The "glue pen" (very similr to the smash one) is NOT something I will recommend. The glue isn't good and the pen is not nice or smooth to write with. sorry La De Dah.
 One of my favorite washis; the simple black  & white diagonal striped one. I got one roll in, march i think, and I need a new one!

 The last of the things I've gotten is five new pens. 

 I don't really need new pens but these colors where just so cute! The top 2 are just "normal" but the middle two are neon red and pink! The bottom one is a gold ball-point!!! 
W also gaurds my lovelly traveler's notebook...

Now I just need a cute pen-case to take all my pens in with me!