Saturday, July 9, 2016

Haul; Felicity Jane, Pyhobby and some *really cute* pens

Over the past weeks I have gotten a few very happy thing that I thought to share with you!

First; I'm so happy to finally get my Felicity Jane kits! I sign up for the international bundle for march/april (still haven't gotten those but hope to get them some time...) and now I got the may and june! Everything is so pretty and of such good quality.
 May kit: "Note to self"

 June kit: "Next stop"

 W is guarding the the kits from the paper thief, Majken...
 From PYhobby picked up some tape-refills (fun!), black & white washi (my other is almost at an end) and then I found some fun things from "La De Dah" A glue pen, gold stickers and sticky notes.
 I really like the colors of these but to call them sticky is a huge lie.
 This little book comes with 5 sheets of gol foiled stickers. The gold is really nice, cute design and very usable. Really recommend this one! The "glue pen" (very similr to the smash one) is NOT something I will recommend. The glue isn't good and the pen is not nice or smooth to write with. sorry La De Dah.
 One of my favorite washis; the simple black  & white diagonal striped one. I got one roll in, march i think, and I need a new one!

 The last of the things I've gotten is five new pens. 

 I don't really need new pens but these colors where just so cute! The top 2 are just "normal" but the middle two are neon red and pink! The bottom one is a gold ball-point!!! 
W also gaurds my lovelly traveler's notebook...

Now I just need a cute pen-case to take all my pens in with me!