Tuesday, July 12, 2016

2016 title page Flower-reef

Sometimes I get these idea parts in my head that I just have to act on. It can be text, colors or well anything really. They pop up and I can think about them for day before I decide what to do with them. That is how this page started, a color comb pop up in my head and after a few days I knew what to make...

I wanted a flower-reef of pink, lilac and coral flowers stitched on to the background. The stitching I did when I go home and it took a couple of days but looking at it now; so worth it!!

2016- memories, thoughts and lessons.

For the flowers I used 3 inks from "Umbrella Crafts": Coral, Lilac Lane & Princess Pink. I had some matching embroidery thread and then I added some gold. I really like how it turned out, many hours and I think it will look perfect in my album!