Wednesday, January 27, 2016

rally farmor- 12x12 scrapbook process-ft wrmk Wildflower

Opening my albums, layout of myself, my dogs and odd things will be found. 
Layouts about events and people are scares...
Let´s change that
"My grandmother is one of the strongest persons i know. She has worked hard all her life, raised 4 strong boys to be wonderful fathers and now she takes care of my grandfather. When life gets hard she gets back up and fights.
Now retired, she is even more active, competing in agility with Stina. 
It really is fun to see them together, if grandmother was a dog she would truly be a Västgötaspets. 
I sometimes feel that we don't connect but truthfully, I think allot of what makes me... me, is from this strong woman. Her determination, fight and kindness. 
Thank you Grandma!"

Papers: WRMK- Wildflower
Stamps: Jenni Bowlin - outline alphabet set
Mist: Heidi Shine "Gold" 
Embellishments: Heidi Swapp craft tag

I hope you've like this page and that you may do a page yourself about someone in your life that you love but don't scrapbook about...

Love Julia

Monday, January 25, 2016

Project Life set up 2016 + week 3 process

Project Life for 2016
I thought about this for quit some time, changing size, set up and design. I really wanted to try a 8x8 with costume page design using the fuse... Well long story short, good idea (saving it for maybe next year)  but I'm sticking to the 12x12 but changing up the design.

In the previous years I have done 1 page per week and used different kits and brand for the cards. Now I like looking at them, seeing the different colors and patterns changing, what I like and what was trendy. But this year I'm trying to stick to one core kit The Prismatic by Heidi Swapp
The Prismatic
This kit is so pretty, bold and bright. Some of the colors and designs are a bit too edgy for me but I like it and I think it will go well with my photos.

 And to really mix it up I have added a pack of mixed pocket page designs. But that is it, I'm sticking to one kit, mixing it up with pocket designs and the only "thing" I'll add are stamps. 

Let's see how long that lasts... 
So far I like it, the kit as many colors to choose from so you can make allot of different color combos but also keeping it clean ans easy. On this week 3 I added a pop of hot pink and that lovely floral pattern. So that is my plan for 2016, simple PL and meaningful scrapbook pages 

Love Julia

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

My funny Valentine 12x12 scrapbook process ft Crate Paper-Hello Love

Over night we got 30cm of snow here is south-west Sweden... Our dogs walks outside and all you can see of them are the tips of their tails! But is truly is amazingly beautiful. 

Todays layout I wanted to combine two "stories" with the team of valentine. So first I wanted to write about Fridolf, old grapa. And them I wanted to add the song My Funny Valentine by Ella Fitzgerald. I love her and this song always gets me in a good mood.

I have fallen in love with Crate Papers new line, "Hello Love" and I thought it was perfect for this layout! The bright colors mixed with fun doodling and pretty floral. 
 The embellishments are a mix of Crate Paper and my own, but I didn't add very many. 
 In my journaling I wrote about the song and my "funny valentine" Fridolf. That we train rally O together and how he loves it. And they say you can't teach an old dogs new tricks!
 White journaling on black really pops and adds lovely contrast to the page

Love Julia

Monday, January 18, 2016

December Daily 2015 THE END

It is officially over with this blog post. December Daily 2015.
First I just want to thank everyone how has read my blog-posts and watched my video, hopefully I have given you a little inspiration! 

Here is a flip through and my thoughts:
This was my second year and just like last year I finished it around day 27-28. Why? Here is what I learned. Have a good plan  Know what you want it to look like, feel like and what to use.
 I thought long before I started, look at the year before, looked at others and made my own plan. 
But to finish an album, that is just a question of will power. If you want to finish it, do it. If not then don't! This is a project that should be fun! 
 In my plan I wanted stories mixed with everyday-pages. This part I really like, finding stories in my album.
 I wanted a mix of page designs, pockets, open, free, pocket pages. A real mix, I like it when you get to experiences the album not just whit your eyes but also whit your hand. 
 I wanted a fun album to look through, not hidden behind plastic. I do have pocket pages but not just, and when I have them I like to glue stuff on top.
 Different mediums, texturs and colors. So when turning pages you would just feel the Christmas spirit oozing out. Because that is Christmas for me, mixing paper and fabric, colors, gold and silver.
 Another thing I´m so happy about is the number of stuff that I made before that I actually used! Like this page, it was first a brown paper bag, turned into a pretty page. And all the die-cuts that I cut out, used so much of them, I had to cut more! That makes me happy, that the things I used most was the things I could do my self! 
 I decided early on that I would go from Advent to the day after Christmas, sens for me this is a Christmas album. But it´s the same here, to make it a good album, I think you shouldn't make any decisions in December. That should all be done so when you sit down it´s all fun.
 The day after Christmas I just added a few photos and wrote about the holiday. 

This is my album, if you want to see how it came together check out the playlist and the blog posts!

I´m so happy with my DD album and if haven't finished yours, hopefully this helped a bit.

Love Julia

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Organisations tips

 Through out my years of crafting, painting and scrapbooking my space have chanced allot. I move things around to find the "perfect" spot only to move it a few month later.  What is "perfect" now and suit my process my not be the case in a year.
 But here are a few things that works really good for me now:

In my space me desk is  facing a window with a rolling cart on ether side. On my left I have more scrapbook stuff and on the right one I have more mixed media and paints. 

On the middle shelf I have worked out this system that works nicely. I have 7 cheap lunchboxes with clear lids, in these I have die-cuts and embellishments stored by brand and type. It´s so easy to pull out and the the left side where I only have 3 my trimmer fits perfectly! (My no 8 box holds watercolor tubes in the other cart) In between these boxes there is a space so here my art journal lives with a work in progress album about Wiola. I really like having it close, just to pull out when I want to work on it, 

Moving on to my desk...
Here I try hard to keep it clean (try being the word) So that on the left side I can have new things. For the moment I have parts of the "Hello Love by Crate Paper and how doesn't love glass dishes? I do and I thing everything looks prettier. I also have a wooden box with my essentials.

 I love to find these old glass dishes at second-hand shops and they look so cute filled with goodies. Here I have embellishments from "Hello Love" as well as stuff I have die-cut, made myself and things I thing would go nicely with the new stuff. 
 I love my grey wood boxes and in this one I have what I would call my "essentials". Stuff I reach for all the time like photo-corners, letter sticker and doilies. And here is a good way to trick yourself, by placing thing I don't normally use or things I want to use up in this box. 
 Just in front of me I have my tools, my fancy brushes, photos, a planner and a notebook.
 In my other grey wood box I have tools that for me, is "can't-be-without".
A 12"/30cm ruler, 4 scissors (they each have a job and my others are on the left cart, I have happen to like scissors) They of coarse there is a craft knife, tweezers, stapler, stamp-blocks, wet glue and tape. I also have 3 misters. One is Heidi Shine- "Gold", a self-mixed silver and one with just water. 
On top of my right cart I have place this try meant for the kitchen drawer with space for knifes, forks and what else. Here I have the stuff I reach for in the "messy" way, I also have my heat gun and hot-glue hanging from hooks just above. 
So here I have gesso, white paint, mixed media brushes, ink pads, roller stamps, glitter and baby wipe. The best part about this is the roller stamps. I can easily see them and pick which one I want to use. 

That was a few of my best organisations tips  that I have in my space that I think, if you would like too. be easy to fix yourself. 

Love Julia

Monday, January 11, 2016

Matfest 12x12 scrapbook layout

When looking through you albums from last year what do you see? What is missing? I do project life but I wished that I had scrapbooked more event. I find it so hard, maybe it´s the pressure of relating the moment... I´m not sure but I do want to scrapbook more events so here is one from this summer:

So in this small town, not long from where I live, they have a food fest each year. All of the local restaurants, bakers and farmers came together and you can taste what they make. It is truly a fest on the streets and such a lovely energy. I can´t wait till next year!

paper: Branding strips from Crate Paper- Maggie Holmes- "Shine" 
stickers: Crate Paper-Maggie Holmes - "Shine" 
title: Crate Paper -Maggie Holmes -"Shine" puffy alpha stickers
stamps: Shimell roller date stamp & Studio Calico- Seven Papers "Darcy" roller phrase stamp 
splatter: Heidi Swapp color shine "gold"

Love Julia

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Snowflakes in January 12x12 scrapbookpage

In the start of a new year we tend to reflect, evaluate and set new goals for the different part of our lives. In this part of my life, the memory keeping, scrapbooking part I have though allot. The other day I tried to organise my 2015 album (I say tried sens I sort of gave up). 
What stuck me was just how many pages I had. I've done allot of scrapbooking this year, witch means allot of pages. But it's not the number of pages that is the problem, is the leak of stories, real stories. Some pages have them but many don't. 
I still like many of them for different reasons but in 15 year, will I still like 
them only for the fun design? 
So this year I will focus more on the stories. For me that means changing up my process a bit. Now I try to write down the story before, having a clearer outline of what I want to shear. Before I started with the photo, then products and design and at last journaling. Now I have a notebook to write down the stories. So changing the process will be a challenge. I also want to continue to play, as I did allot in 2015, even though I ended up with allot of pages. So This is what I want to focus on for 2016 so it' only fitting that I share my "first" layout for 2016 with focus on the story:
Snöflingor i Januari- Snowflakes in January 
The first story I wanted to tell for 2016, and sort of have as a first page, is about snowflakes. 

Two thousand fifteen is over and year Two thousand sixteen is here. And so are thousands of tiny snowflakes, dancing around in our cold air. Our world is covered by a white blanket. Hidden are the bare trees and naked bushes. 
We look out over a magical landscape that sparkle in the winter sun. For a moment we forget the grey and the ugly. For a moment we only see the magic of the nature even tough we've seen it scene we where born, we still hold our breath, if just for a moment. To see our sparkling world with a wish that we never lose the magic of seeing snowflakes in January. 

papers: W R Memorykeepers paper pad: Wildflower
layers: Doilys and wallpaper
snowflakes: dies: Lawn Fawn & Magnolia
title: Tombow brush pen no 35
journaling: typewriter
mist: Heidi Swapp color shine- White

Love Julia

Monday, January 4, 2016

lfe kit; Twenty sixteen

twenty sixteen
It's a new year and new possibility and stuff. But today, let's talk about the new kit by Likeforever.
So when I had received my kit I look through it and started to make a sort of mental plan of what papers and embellishments I could use with  what photo. I started with a photo from autumn 2014 of baby W.
The photo is matted on washi tape and I sprayed the hexagons from the Heidi Swapp ephemera pack with Heidi-Shine is Teal and Navy. I did the same for the title that is of thickers with fabric on top.  I did my journaling on my typewriter and added silver glitter leafs. These are cut out using dies from Maggie Holmes and Lawn Fawn.

I know I have made allot of pages of W but looking back I felt that too many of them didn't have a story. Here I write about how and why I love her. One of the reasons being is the she often sleeps next to my desk, like she is doing now. Just wanting to be near and for that small thing I love her.
So far so well but on late night I was sitting looking at the stuff (just like any normal scrapbooker does) and I thought of how this wasn´t me and how I could never make it look good... Let's say I shouldn´t be making decisions late at night... 
And just like that I had cut up all of the papers and made a "junk-journal"

I do really like how it looks the papers are so fun, I think I could have made many pretty layout... But It's done and even though I have no idea for what to use it for I like it... C'est la vie

Love Julia