Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Organisations tips

 Through out my years of crafting, painting and scrapbooking my space have chanced allot. I move things around to find the "perfect" spot only to move it a few month later.  What is "perfect" now and suit my process my not be the case in a year.
 But here are a few things that works really good for me now:

In my space me desk is  facing a window with a rolling cart on ether side. On my left I have more scrapbook stuff and on the right one I have more mixed media and paints. 

On the middle shelf I have worked out this system that works nicely. I have 7 cheap lunchboxes with clear lids, in these I have die-cuts and embellishments stored by brand and type. It´s so easy to pull out and the the left side where I only have 3 my trimmer fits perfectly! (My no 8 box holds watercolor tubes in the other cart) In between these boxes there is a space so here my art journal lives with a work in progress album about Wiola. I really like having it close, just to pull out when I want to work on it, 

Moving on to my desk...
Here I try hard to keep it clean (try being the word) So that on the left side I can have new things. For the moment I have parts of the "Hello Love by Crate Paper and how doesn't love glass dishes? I do and I thing everything looks prettier. I also have a wooden box with my essentials.

 I love to find these old glass dishes at second-hand shops and they look so cute filled with goodies. Here I have embellishments from "Hello Love" as well as stuff I have die-cut, made myself and things I thing would go nicely with the new stuff. 
 I love my grey wood boxes and in this one I have what I would call my "essentials". Stuff I reach for all the time like photo-corners, letter sticker and doilies. And here is a good way to trick yourself, by placing thing I don't normally use or things I want to use up in this box. 
 Just in front of me I have my tools, my fancy brushes, photos, a planner and a notebook.
 In my other grey wood box I have tools that for me, is "can't-be-without".
A 12"/30cm ruler, 4 scissors (they each have a job and my others are on the left cart, I have happen to like scissors) They of coarse there is a craft knife, tweezers, stapler, stamp-blocks, wet glue and tape. I also have 3 misters. One is Heidi Shine- "Gold", a self-mixed silver and one with just water. 
On top of my right cart I have place this try meant for the kitchen drawer with space for knifes, forks and what else. Here I have the stuff I reach for in the "messy" way, I also have my heat gun and hot-glue hanging from hooks just above. 
So here I have gesso, white paint, mixed media brushes, ink pads, roller stamps, glitter and baby wipe. The best part about this is the roller stamps. I can easily see them and pick which one I want to use. 

That was a few of my best organisations tips  that I have in my space that I think, if you would like too. be easy to fix yourself. 

Love Julia