Wednesday, June 29, 2016

9 photo layout, "Where does W sleep?"

I always try to challenge my self, here I wanted to see if I could make a page 
with as many photos of sleeping W as possible. 

9 3x3 photo and some flower diecuts!
I think the trick to use many photos is to design a grid, where it's easy to see them. 

Monday, June 27, 2016

Hey Sötnosar 12x12 scrapbook using scraps

Do you have a place for yous scraps. Do you look there often or do you, like me, just put scraps there but hardly go through it? Is there stuff on your desk that you think "I'll use that next time..." but never use it. I'm so good at shuffling papers and moving thing to the other side. 
I have now really made an effort to use my pretty things and to look into my scraps!

This page was made with a pile of scraps that just happened to end up in the same pile. I think it's really fun to go through and find unexpected colors and pattern combinations.  

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

DIY Watercolor designed patterned paper

Take out your watercolors and play!

Watercolor designed paper is everywhere and it's so pretty! Why not try to make your own. You choose the color and what to paint, the result, your very own design paper!

I had used Heidi Shine on some and the watercolors I used are the White Nights by S:t Petersburg. These are really good value and I highly recommend them. How ever you can use any type of watercolors, the important thing here is to have fun! 

Monday, June 20, 2016

2 layouts inspired by JOT june board

I was so inspired by this months mood board by Jot I just had to make a layout, or two. I love the bright white, with bold black and a hint of green. I started making one page and then just kept going, using many ont the things I already had taking out.
The result, two bright pages with black accent and green details. 

On both pages I used the nickel wood grained paper and the Brentano stamps for titles. For the circle element I used black and white enamel dots and the stripes are from my favorit washi.

I love that the Jot mood boards are so fun and different from the "normal" scrapbook style. They always find such interesting and cool color combinations. This board I will most definitely use again!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The-not-so-epic-cardstock-haul from PART 2

The drama is over, I now have straight-edged-cardstocks!! 
I have shopped at a handful of times and even though things can go wrong (exibit A) they are always so very nice and helpful. I think now when we shop more and more online and in other countrys the stores has even more pressure on delivering the promised products. It's not just packing the right stuff it's also is shipping it in a safe way and be there after to make sure it all got delivered. This means more focus on customer servis to make sure that the costumer will come back even though some things went wrong. And it's here that deserves it's golden star, in handling the unhappy customer (me)  and making sure (I) will return, and that I will!

 They shipped the papers again and also the traveler's notebook. How ever I don't need two so my sister got a nice surprise yesterday...

When shopping online and things don't end up the way they should, contact the store. Usually they will help you and try to get you back.

Monday, June 13, 2016

"How To YouTube" 12x12 scrapbook using PP C'est La Vie

How To:  YouTube, I have done videos for a few years and though my process changes the basic of it stays the same and i thought it would be fun to document this "hobby". I used the pretty C'est la Vie from my last Scrobby haul and wrote down "the rules" on my very imperfect typewriter, look close and you can see it doesn't type the full letter. I think it turned out great and i hope my fellow youtubes will like it too!

How To YouTube: 

"Come up with an idea, preferably a brilliant one... 
Film it with no mistakes and no wrong cutting or spilling mist
Photograph the amazing result in bright white natural light
Import film and photos to computer
Edit photos
Edit video
Record voice over 73 times, to make sure it is perfect
Wait for the video to be saved
Upload to YouTube
Wait on video to be uploaded on YouTube
Write a blogpost of your process and result
Go through blogpost, perfect spelling and grammar!
Link everything to everywhere
And it's done, now start over."

Used Products:

I think this page is really fun and though it's a bit sarcastic it has a few serious elements that we youtubers has to remember while doing our videos; "Ignore the critics", "Play hard" & some gold mist can save the day...

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

"Sitting in the flowers"-12x12 watercolor scrapbook

Every spring we go to a place where the ground is white, covered by vitsippor. We take the annual family photos and wonder over the beauty of the white flowers.

I took a photo of my sister and her boyfriend and painted a background, like the ground that they where sitting on. I stitched a title, added leaves for texture and gold for sparkle.  

Products used:

Monday, June 6, 2016

Äskhults By & Skård Gård- documented in TN

Today I have a post of how I quickly *not so much* documented a trip from yesterday to Äskhults By in south-west Sweden and brunch at Skårs Gård. In my process video I have some "vlog" klipps if only to show you a bit of our beautiful country on our national day.

Produces Used:

Now here are a few photos from Äskhult and Skårs Gård.

Äskhults By:

Skårs Gård: