Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Project Cheval: part 1- Saknar Dig

I have started a new project, an album about my pretty pony. He was an amazing pony and we where together for half of my life! So now I feel that I want to have an album just for him, about him. He is a big part of my previously albums but in this one I don´t want to focus on when or where. I want the story not how many procent we got on a competition. My plan is to take photo and use them as promts for telling our story.

The first layout I made is titled: Missing you
The story here is that after all of this years I still dream about him, and I wanted a page about that. That I´m still missing him. So I really wanted a dream like layout with soft colors and a hint of magic. Looking at it now; I´m so happy.
 The elements I used I picked for there color and feel to go with my dreamy thought. The thickers from Dear Lizzy are just perfect with that sugared finish and the soft colors of the Kiss Kiss chipboard works a charm.
 I added my journaling to a tag from the same paper-line though I wanted to keep the focus on that middle part and the kraft didn´t wokr as a background for the journaling.
 The last thing I added was this tiny words from Tim Holtz. "you are home" This means that the kraft gets picked up, it creates an interest and not to mention very meaningful to me. 

Love Julia

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Project Life week 16

I have been complaining allot on my camera not behaving so today I was surprised the he acted well, on the other hand my printer did not...

For this week I wanted the page protector I used last week, but sens I used it last week I didn´t have it. So I took another from Simple Stories that had 3 4*6 and 1 6*12. I just saw, not that straight with my machine. 
 Best title card ever! If I may say so. I did some water colors earlier and loved this card. This has been me the week and I even draw in my new flower lights the 4*6 is also a watercolor card from today. To finish it I added some gold thickers and a date stamp.
 Here I took anther watercolor card, taped it to a 4*6 and then printed this small collage from the Project Life App. I really like doing my journaling in the app and on this I used a card from the Midnight kit.
 In the 2*12 pocket I put a paper from the Open Book (!) and then 4 2*2 photos with tiny word stickers from Tim Holtz. If you didn´t want that 2*12 pocket it´s super easy to just cut it of.
 Here you can really see the bad mood my printer was in and I just gave up. I´ll try to print again later but now I´m just o sick of it, it´s just supposes to work!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

DIY Flower Lights


Today I have a different project to share with you. If you have seen my room tour you know I have a string of flower lights above my window. I have had those for year and I love them. The other day my brother found a really cheap string of LED lights and I thought I might try doing my own flower lights.

This lights a battery operated and I don´t know how many hours they last but sens it´s LED they should keep for a while. Now I prefer mine to have a warm white light because it´s for cozy-ing.

Here is how I did it: 

 I really like how they turned out, I would have liked them even more if I´ve had more colored flowers but that´s the way it is.
 Now they hang by my bed, witch is good sens I´ve moved my lamp to my desk to get more light...
 That warm light makes all the difference. And it´s so easy to do! Now be sure to read on your lights so that they don´t start a fire, that is not cozy...

Love Julia

Monday, April 13, 2015

Project Life week 15


This week I got my order from HoneyBunny and I was so inspired by the stuff that I had to use it for the weeks project life!

 I´m so  surprised that I love this title card! I don´t normally like this peach color but here you see the power of color combinations. Dear Lizzy Polka Dot Party is to cute! I used my flower punch trough out the page as interest and here I put some glitter tape under. Love it! The thicker are Dear Lizzy too, Treasure in vanilla and there is like a news print under and sugar on top.
 I did my journaling in the PL app (so I could use the emojis) and the I added a sn@p pocket. In the pocket I did a 4*6 page about my brothers 12th birtday, like a super mini layout.
 Not allot of embelishments on this two I used the paper, a punch and some glitter tape. The trick is to layer tightly. 
 I´m a big fan the the sn@p line but come on! the 2*12 is not really 2*12! So I sew it shut, if not it will just keep falling out. But if you don´t have or use a sewing maching just use a stapler 

Love Julia

Sunday, April 12, 2015


I hope you all have had a great weekend, I sure did so now I need some bed rest ;) So while I rest (and planing my project life) you can see the process for this layout; Document.

Yes it´s the open book stuff! The more I use it the more I love it, and the less I have... So for this layout I only used 1 full 12*12 sheet and the rest is scraps. 
 The only real embellishments on this page are the flowers, made from scraps. Want to know how? Here are the blog post
 A tried and true technique for me is stenciling and then water color over. I use the cheapest color i can find for two reasons, 1 its cheap. 2 the pigments are different so you get that chalk texture. 

Love Julia

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Re-Organizing the scraprom!

Hello! so yesterday I just got this urge to do a big cleans of my space and do some re-organizing. I didn´t take all that long and I´m so happy now when it´s over!

 There is allot of stuff but I have decided to tackle it head on!

 So now I have project life, tools and misc stuff to my left
 and messy stuff to my right. Is this better? I don´t know.
 The stencils and thicker are now hanging on hooks don´t know if it´s better but that´s the thing, I don´t know if I don´t try!
 So things are tried and and true like my hooks where I have my heat-gun and glue-gun. Best thing ever!
 One of the best things I have done is to bring up this extinction outlet, so easy to reach. Here I have the battery-charger for my camera, sewing machine, heat-gun (this are always plugged in) and at the end my glue-gun. 
 But this is how I want to store my adhesives but it just doesn´t work, I can´t keep it in order but in till I come up with something, this is the way it has to be.

Love Julia

Monday, April 6, 2015

Project Life week 14

Hello! It´s week 14 and I had a bit of a crazy moment... I filmed it and called it Project Life Week 14. Why is that crazy? Well I just had to use the open Book and went a bit over board!

 I did my journaling in the PL app and I really like it, especially sens I had quit a lot for this week.

 Making the pockets work for you can be hard, here I had a 4*6 and just be cutting it in half I cold use it in the design I. I now get to keep the photo, more space around it (good when I have such a active page) and more space for journaling.

Well lucky it´s Easter so if there ever was a time to go all out with color I suppose it now.

Love Julia

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Love Notes- Mini Album


I love making mini albums, I have a harder time putting photos in but that´s another story. So here is a little video of my latest mini.

I used the paper pad and journaling cards from the Love Notes line to make this paperbag mini and D-ring to bound
 4 sheets of 12*12 and no waist! The 12*12 I used for covering the covers, the paperbags and the "scraps" as inserts in the bag. I also used the journaling cards in the album, putting in them randomly and I just love that! 

 Here is an example, on the right a 4*6, than a 3*4 and a bag with a insert. Different sizes and things to pull, that is whats so fun with mini albums.  And  because of the D-rings one can add or move around the cards as seen fit.

Sens I´m not keeping this one, I put this in one o the bags. Some journaling cards, stickers and alphas, so that how every buys it can really make it their own.

I hope you´ll liked this album and that you feel inspired to try one yourself! Now I have a date with Mr Selfridge

Love Julia