Wednesday, April 15, 2015

DIY Flower Lights


Today I have a different project to share with you. If you have seen my room tour you know I have a string of flower lights above my window. I have had those for year and I love them. The other day my brother found a really cheap string of LED lights and I thought I might try doing my own flower lights.

This lights a battery operated and I don´t know how many hours they last but sens it´s LED they should keep for a while. Now I prefer mine to have a warm white light because it´s for cozy-ing.

Here is how I did it: 

 I really like how they turned out, I would have liked them even more if I´ve had more colored flowers but that´s the way it is.
 Now they hang by my bed, witch is good sens I´ve moved my lamp to my desk to get more light...
 That warm light makes all the difference. And it´s so easy to do! Now be sure to read on your lights so that they don´t start a fire, that is not cozy...

Love Julia