Thursday, February 28, 2013

A down day

Real name: Petit Heroes Corinna Corinna
Some days are just not as good as others. Today is one of those days for me. I really hate this types of days when you feel hardly feel anything but drained. I do try to do things to break out of it, like take Kerstin out for a walk. It is a vicious cycle and even tough I have been in so many of them I still find it hard to break out. It dosen´t help that I´ve only have 10 weeks left in school and I have so to finish. I don´t mean to complain but, you know how it is.
When I have this down days I wish I lived at home full time and not at school. Don´t get me wrong, my housemates are really nice and funny and really weird but I can feel how I bring them down with me. Everyone have different ways to boost one self so today I have...
Taking a walk with Kerstin
Watching Gilmore Girls under my electrical heating blanket
Thank god for Pinterest.
And I found some chocolate from Christmas so... Yay...
Usually some good music will help brighten the mood. Luckily I have found the movie Pitch Perfect, witch is awesome. 

Seriously I know I´m a bit paranoid but every time I get a down I´m afraid to never feel happy again. I know allot of people feel this way and sometimes it feels better to know that your not the only one. I don´t know if I´m handling it right or not. When I´m down I tend to shout every body out to spread them my pain. Is this right? I have such hard time open up under normal circumstances. Please tall me that I´m not the  only one how hate explaining how I fell and why and what to do about it. Or is this just a proof that I not a real girl?

So I truly hope that my down some how might bring you a bit higher. If you have some things that you do when your feeling down please chear.

Love Julia

Saturday, February 23, 2013

In the flower shop

Me and my mom was in a flower shop today and it was so pretty. We wear just going to pick up some flowers to a relative how turned 30. but it took a lot longer then we expected. There was some much to see so I thought I would cheer the beauty with you.

Don´t you just love the colors and the spring feeling. I can´t wait until it´s springtime.  Hopefully this will inspire you to make your place spring ready. Just think how much difference some flowers or greens can do.
Love Julia

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Organized chaos

Good day everyone. Today I taught that I would cheer with you some of mine origination solutions. I love to stay organized but a some point I just had to face it. I can´t. So this is how I do it.

 I do think that having flowers in your room will make you feel better and happier. How ever I can not keep them alive. Tough I live at school Monday to Friday and when I get home I just forget. So I bought real cheap fabric flowers in happy colors. I don´t have to water them and they don´t die if I would stick them in a drawer.

How knows where all there bobby pins are? Idon´t! So after I have used them I put them in this teacups. This tea set I got from my aunt from when she lived in Japan, and it´s perfect for keeping all of my hair stuff safe.

Don´t have enough room in the bookcase? Me either, so I lay them on top of each others. In this way you can store more books and it looks cool.

I don´t wear allot of jewelry and when I do I tend to use my favorite of the moment. The problem is the if I put them in my jewelry chest, I  will never find them. So hear is my solution. They get to live in this cute Chinese bowl from my great great grandmother. The earrings I hang in the edged and just put in. Easy to find and pretty to look at. Organized chaos.

The same goes for my pore nail polishes. I put them in a small bucket. In that way they are in one place and I don´t have to run around the entire house to look for them.

In my bookcase I have this little tray with my perfumes on. And other pretty stuff. This to makes it easy to find and it nice to look at. On this tray I have some nail polishes that I will next time I do my nails.

This plat I got from my sister at Christmas years ago. I just put some small stones to keep the candles standing straight and looking better. This in one on those thing that you can really put you stamp on. Just pink candles or blue stones... The possibilities are endless.

I hope that you can use some of this tips. The pictures are altered at . By the way that is an awesome website that makes it easy and fun to photo shop your pics. And they come out great, or what do you say? ;)

Love Julia


Thursday, February 14, 2013

my Valentin

Have you ever seen a cuter gotlandsruss? He is actually my Valentin ;) His name is Rambo II, and as you can see I just finished cutting him. For you how arn´t in "horse loop", I don´t know how it´s in other country's, but in Sweden we usually cut our horses in the winter time. This may sound little odd but when they are ridden the (hopefully ;) ) work up a sweat and with a thick winter coat they get cold for a really long time. So we cut them so they don´t get to sweaty. And in honesty, does he not look adorable? 
I did not mean this to be a horse post but tomorrow is my last day at Bollebygd Ridklubb :( . I have been there for 4 weeks now and I´m really sorry to go back to school. But I´m really glad that I got to be there with such amazing peoples. I don´t know witch one´s I will miss most, the humans or the horses. I know, but when you work with them every day you get to know them, and love them.
Wont to read more about Gotlandsruss? I grow up with a Gotlandsruss and this pones really got character.
I hope that your Valentin is as awesome as my cute Rambo ;)
Kiss, Kiss- Love, Love Julia

Sunday, February 10, 2013


You Blew Me Away by Penny HardyLately I have had zero inspiration. Usually I have no trouble coming up with fun concepts and pretty faces but the last couple of weeks there has definitely been laking inspection. And as someone how use painting as an outlet it has not been easy. Every time that I actually have had a descent idea as fast as I sit down it all fly away. It does not help that I get super frustrated and refuse to look at my materiel. One thing that is ever worse (though not much is) is when I have started something and I know it can be good but just feel ehee. I know that it can be good but at the same time I know that if I sit down with it, it will end up a mess.

I don´t know how it is for you, but I have a relationship to all of my "works" and some of them I love and some I accept and some I hate. I don´t have so many of the last category because I through them away but some I keep just to be reminded of what I was thinking and maybe this really bad piece, one day will be the inspiration to a really good one.

When I get stuck in a rut this is the things i usually do to speed the process up.

 1. As soon as I feel that it´s not going well, I pull out my chair and walk away. Going out for a walk, (listen to music watching a movie or do anything that will clear your head. STOP THINKING!

2. Sometimes it can take a bit more time, put the piece away. You should WANT to finish it. Moving to a different part of your house or go out. A change in scenery has never hurt anyone.

3. Sometimes it takes weeks before I finish and I think it´s impotent to not rush it. One day you will watch Pocahontas and get super inspired. But if you don´t then you don´t. Start with something new, just color or do doodle for a while. If you once have come up with something brilliant that your afraid of ruining it, you will have a even more awesome idea. If you just let it take time.

Here is how I broke the bubble this time. (I had started with a face a couple of weeks ago)
Making buildings with text. mixed media. Art journaling made by Kate CraneI watch Disney movies, the real ones with Ariel and Sleeping Beauty. I don´t know how many, but there was a big number. Listed to good music and of course Pintrest! To see what others can do sometimes helps and who doesn´t get inspired by bright colors?
I started sketching while watching the Hunchback of Norther Dame. And soon I missed my old watercolor crayons. And then I knew the time had came.

 I know how inpatient and how irritate I get when this happens. I also try to think about it so I don´t piss of everybody else to. It´s hard to tell sometimes if this is just a moment to push throw or if it´s the time to take a step back. But we shoulden´t be afraid of backing of. The piece will still be there and when you come back you´ll see it with new eyes. It´s first then you truly can make a choice when you think clearly and not controlled by frustration.

So ween you feel like you´re in a bubble and there is no inspiration in the whole world, then there arn´t. It dosen´t matter how  many pretty things you see, it´s only you how can make them into inspiration. You are inspiration.

Love Julia

Pictures from

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Redo your room

 With the new year just starting it´s only natural for us to start thinking of restart and redo our life for the better. And why not start with our home. Try a new color in the bedroom or new curtains for the living room. Or if your really in for a change, redo your entire room, apartment, house.

Today I have gathered some inspiration for you,  I have also my favorite room tours on YouTube. All of the pictures here are from Pintrest and can be found on this

lights and stoolsLet the inspiration flow.
 window as a headboard...why did i not think of this sooner?Closet Craft RoomStriped Ceiling #phimuroom

Okej, so do you like this light girly room, you will love this ones...

The first on and properly me nr 1 pick is by Elle Fowler Love the soft shades and her book-mantel-thing.

The second one is made by Blair Fowler, she recently remade her entire room and the the perfect thing is she vloged during the time. So now when you feel so inspired, head over to: and get even more tips :)

Extreme Makeover: Bedroom Edition! Part 5 by otherjuicystar07
Last but certainly not least is a beautiful antique inspired room, and their lives a equally beautiful girl named Lillian Masie. She like the previously girls makes beauty videos on YouTube. check out her room by clicking this link:

Room Tour: Feminine Antique Style by Lillian Masie

I can in all honesty say my bedroom look nothing like this pictures, how ever I do wish it did. I have now tyred to make en effort to organise my room and keeping it that way... it has not been easy let me tale you. As the craft freak that I am, I have though out the years watched my craft and scrapbook collection grown... allot. So now there is paper, glues and paint all over. I like I said, I have tyred to make it a bit more organised so when you walk into my room you don´t get so overwhelmed. That´s the idea anyway. Because I want to feel relaxed when I in my room, a place where I can charge my batteries and come out as an happy person in the morning.
Love Julia

Monday, February 4, 2013


King of Black "Kingen" at Bollebygd Ridkulbb, born 1993.
Rodeo star, yes that´s right, I´m now the new Rodeo star on Bollebygd Ridklubb. Well not really, but I do certainly feel like one now. For all of you how think it´s no big deal flying of a horse, let me tell you something... It freaking hurts! Allot. I have fallen of allot though out my "horse-riding-carrier" but I still get chocked when it happens.

The little quite that I was riding to day was an 20 year old D-pony. I was just going to riding on the morning, just a little exercise after the weekend. Apparently King of Black really needed that because the first chance he got he throw me of. He thought this to be real funny... I did not... Gunnel how works Monday had to come up to the riding house and catch Kingen and ride him. Luckily he came to his senses and behaved. I do really believe that somebody should tell him that he is 20 and not 5. But in some ways I get a happy feeling when I think about the older horses at Bollebygd Ridklubb,  just because they are so positive and young at heart. They don´t seam old and that´s a really good thing for riding school horses.

Visit Bollebygd Ridklubbs weddsite
I have been at Bollebygd for 2 going on 3 weeks. The school I go to, I read horse keeping, you will have at least 15 weeks of internship. I have four right now at a riding school 30 minuets away at Bollebygd. My mom practically grow up there. I just have to say to all of you how cares, I really like being here. The staff and the horses are just so lovable.
<The picture is on four of the quietest pony's I know. from the left we have Midnight Oil, Aramia, Jalla Jalla and Apple's First Knight.  I know it´s in Swedish but click on "Ridskolan" and then "Våra hästar" and you can see all of the adorable horses.

I do hope that your day was less painful ;) and that if you are going on a riding school, give your pony's a big hug and tell them that you appreciate them <3

Love Julia

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Survive the winter

 If you like me live in a colder climate you know what the cold will do to you. Hands turn dry, hair turns into frizz and lips into sandpaper. Urge. But after almost 19 winters I have found some products that will easy the winter moth. So today I will show you some of them that I just love and really saves my hair and skin from October to march.


 I can´t tell you how many bottles I have gone through the last year of Garnier Fructis Nurti Repair 3 Shampoo and conditioner. This stuff is amazing and I´m not just taking about the smell. I can actually brush my hair after showering now! I can´t say enough good thing about it. So if you have dry and damage hair give this guys a shot and I truly believe you will not be sorry.

Some times our hair need extra help. In just 1 minute Schwarzkopf Gliss Hair repair makes your hair silky smooth. This is for very damaged and dry hair so I put this in my hair once every week and I still get amassed how good it is. But I do have to confess that I´m not crazy for the smell, it´s in no way bad, just... special. It is really good and I really recommend it to you with dry hair.

If my hair is really sad and frizzy I let the mask sit in my hair for a couple of hour es. Then you can talk about silky smooth ;)

It´s not just our hair how need extra caring, our body's dry up too. This Nivea Pure & Natural Body Lotion is made out of 95% natural origin, with organic argan oil and for normal to dry skin. My poor dry legs and arms gets nice and soft after this creamy body lotion from Nivea. The formula is rather thicker so it takes some time to rub it in. But it´s really good as a hand cream too. I have had this bottle sens the summer and it´s still a good amount left... It has a sweet fresh sent that reminds you of the spring, early summer.

We can´t forget our face. Our face is very vulnerable especial in the winter so it´s really impotent to remember to take extra good care of it. I use this Yves Roucher Nutritive Végétal intense nourishing balm Night under my eyes, forehead and cheeks every night. It´s so light  and it smells so nice and sweet. I really like that it´s so light to put on and the fresh feeling you get after wards.

I have saved the best for last, I have one of this at my bed, in all of my jackets, in my handbag and in my car. I just can´t use any anther lip balm then this one. The Nivea Pure & Natural my favorite is the Milk & Honey and Olive & Lemon. I know what your thinking. Olive & Lemon?! Yes this is amazing, put this on before you go to bed and you will wake up with super soft lips.

Surviving in the winter while looking cute is not easy but I hope this tips will be helpful for you.

Love Julia

Saturday, February 2, 2013

The sun is awake!

I thought the sun would never come out again, but today the sky was blue and the birds were signing. Me and my mom went out for a walk with our little Kerstin. I really love that weird little dog. She screams if you set down your feet to close to her and won´t eat unless somebody is keeping her company but that how she is.

Living in Sweden has it downsides. From October to march it pretty much just rain, snow and cold winds. The road gets icy, the days shorter and your skin turns into sandpaper... It´s not fun. So when day like this come it is not just the sun with vitamin D,it´s also hope. Hope that you will survive and that spring is just around the corner. How true that might be in fact it´s still just the 2 of February. And it just might start to snow again.

On the upside I do live in a beautiful county, with four seasons. The winter here is winter with snowy trees and iced lakes. The spring with the bird song and flowers in bloom. The summer comes with warmth and hayrides. Then the fall comes in all it´s glory with amazing colours and high air. I´m very grateful for living in such a unique country even though I might complain some days.

So today I just want to say thanks to the sun for lifting my day and to my cute little weird Kerstin.

Love Julia