Monday, February 4, 2013


King of Black "Kingen" at Bollebygd Ridkulbb, born 1993.
Rodeo star, yes that´s right, I´m now the new Rodeo star on Bollebygd Ridklubb. Well not really, but I do certainly feel like one now. For all of you how think it´s no big deal flying of a horse, let me tell you something... It freaking hurts! Allot. I have fallen of allot though out my "horse-riding-carrier" but I still get chocked when it happens.

The little quite that I was riding to day was an 20 year old D-pony. I was just going to riding on the morning, just a little exercise after the weekend. Apparently King of Black really needed that because the first chance he got he throw me of. He thought this to be real funny... I did not... Gunnel how works Monday had to come up to the riding house and catch Kingen and ride him. Luckily he came to his senses and behaved. I do really believe that somebody should tell him that he is 20 and not 5. But in some ways I get a happy feeling when I think about the older horses at Bollebygd Ridklubb,  just because they are so positive and young at heart. They don´t seam old and that´s a really good thing for riding school horses.

Visit Bollebygd Ridklubbs weddsite
I have been at Bollebygd for 2 going on 3 weeks. The school I go to, I read horse keeping, you will have at least 15 weeks of internship. I have four right now at a riding school 30 minuets away at Bollebygd. My mom practically grow up there. I just have to say to all of you how cares, I really like being here. The staff and the horses are just so lovable.
<The picture is on four of the quietest pony's I know. from the left we have Midnight Oil, Aramia, Jalla Jalla and Apple's First Knight.  I know it´s in Swedish but click on "Ridskolan" and then "Våra hästar" and you can see all of the adorable horses.

I do hope that your day was less painful ;) and that if you are going on a riding school, give your pony's a big hug and tell them that you appreciate them <3

Love Julia