Sunday, February 10, 2013


You Blew Me Away by Penny HardyLately I have had zero inspiration. Usually I have no trouble coming up with fun concepts and pretty faces but the last couple of weeks there has definitely been laking inspection. And as someone how use painting as an outlet it has not been easy. Every time that I actually have had a descent idea as fast as I sit down it all fly away. It does not help that I get super frustrated and refuse to look at my materiel. One thing that is ever worse (though not much is) is when I have started something and I know it can be good but just feel ehee. I know that it can be good but at the same time I know that if I sit down with it, it will end up a mess.

I don´t know how it is for you, but I have a relationship to all of my "works" and some of them I love and some I accept and some I hate. I don´t have so many of the last category because I through them away but some I keep just to be reminded of what I was thinking and maybe this really bad piece, one day will be the inspiration to a really good one.

When I get stuck in a rut this is the things i usually do to speed the process up.

 1. As soon as I feel that it´s not going well, I pull out my chair and walk away. Going out for a walk, (listen to music watching a movie or do anything that will clear your head. STOP THINKING!

2. Sometimes it can take a bit more time, put the piece away. You should WANT to finish it. Moving to a different part of your house or go out. A change in scenery has never hurt anyone.

3. Sometimes it takes weeks before I finish and I think it´s impotent to not rush it. One day you will watch Pocahontas and get super inspired. But if you don´t then you don´t. Start with something new, just color or do doodle for a while. If you once have come up with something brilliant that your afraid of ruining it, you will have a even more awesome idea. If you just let it take time.

Here is how I broke the bubble this time. (I had started with a face a couple of weeks ago)
Making buildings with text. mixed media. Art journaling made by Kate CraneI watch Disney movies, the real ones with Ariel and Sleeping Beauty. I don´t know how many, but there was a big number. Listed to good music and of course Pintrest! To see what others can do sometimes helps and who doesn´t get inspired by bright colors?
I started sketching while watching the Hunchback of Norther Dame. And soon I missed my old watercolor crayons. And then I knew the time had came.

 I know how inpatient and how irritate I get when this happens. I also try to think about it so I don´t piss of everybody else to. It´s hard to tell sometimes if this is just a moment to push throw or if it´s the time to take a step back. But we shoulden´t be afraid of backing of. The piece will still be there and when you come back you´ll see it with new eyes. It´s first then you truly can make a choice when you think clearly and not controlled by frustration.

So ween you feel like you´re in a bubble and there is no inspiration in the whole world, then there arn´t. It dosen´t matter how  many pretty things you see, it´s only you how can make them into inspiration. You are inspiration.

Love Julia

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