Saturday, February 16, 2013

Organized chaos

Good day everyone. Today I taught that I would cheer with you some of mine origination solutions. I love to stay organized but a some point I just had to face it. I can´t. So this is how I do it.

 I do think that having flowers in your room will make you feel better and happier. How ever I can not keep them alive. Tough I live at school Monday to Friday and when I get home I just forget. So I bought real cheap fabric flowers in happy colors. I don´t have to water them and they don´t die if I would stick them in a drawer.

How knows where all there bobby pins are? Idon´t! So after I have used them I put them in this teacups. This tea set I got from my aunt from when she lived in Japan, and it´s perfect for keeping all of my hair stuff safe.

Don´t have enough room in the bookcase? Me either, so I lay them on top of each others. In this way you can store more books and it looks cool.

I don´t wear allot of jewelry and when I do I tend to use my favorite of the moment. The problem is the if I put them in my jewelry chest, I  will never find them. So hear is my solution. They get to live in this cute Chinese bowl from my great great grandmother. The earrings I hang in the edged and just put in. Easy to find and pretty to look at. Organized chaos.

The same goes for my pore nail polishes. I put them in a small bucket. In that way they are in one place and I don´t have to run around the entire house to look for them.

In my bookcase I have this little tray with my perfumes on. And other pretty stuff. This to makes it easy to find and it nice to look at. On this tray I have some nail polishes that I will next time I do my nails.

This plat I got from my sister at Christmas years ago. I just put some small stones to keep the candles standing straight and looking better. This in one on those thing that you can really put you stamp on. Just pink candles or blue stones... The possibilities are endless.

I hope that you can use some of this tips. The pictures are altered at . By the way that is an awesome website that makes it easy and fun to photo shop your pics. And they come out great, or what do you say? ;)

Love Julia