Thursday, February 28, 2013

A down day

Real name: Petit Heroes Corinna Corinna
Some days are just not as good as others. Today is one of those days for me. I really hate this types of days when you feel hardly feel anything but drained. I do try to do things to break out of it, like take Kerstin out for a walk. It is a vicious cycle and even tough I have been in so many of them I still find it hard to break out. It dosen´t help that I´ve only have 10 weeks left in school and I have so to finish. I don´t mean to complain but, you know how it is.
When I have this down days I wish I lived at home full time and not at school. Don´t get me wrong, my housemates are really nice and funny and really weird but I can feel how I bring them down with me. Everyone have different ways to boost one self so today I have...
Taking a walk with Kerstin
Watching Gilmore Girls under my electrical heating blanket
Thank god for Pinterest.
And I found some chocolate from Christmas so... Yay...
Usually some good music will help brighten the mood. Luckily I have found the movie Pitch Perfect, witch is awesome. 

Seriously I know I´m a bit paranoid but every time I get a down I´m afraid to never feel happy again. I know allot of people feel this way and sometimes it feels better to know that your not the only one. I don´t know if I´m handling it right or not. When I´m down I tend to shout every body out to spread them my pain. Is this right? I have such hard time open up under normal circumstances. Please tall me that I´m not the  only one how hate explaining how I fell and why and what to do about it. Or is this just a proof that I not a real girl?

So I truly hope that my down some how might bring you a bit higher. If you have some things that you do when your feeling down please chear.

Love Julia