Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Redo your room

 With the new year just starting it´s only natural for us to start thinking of restart and redo our life for the better. And why not start with our home. Try a new color in the bedroom or new curtains for the living room. Or if your really in for a change, redo your entire room, apartment, house.

Today I have gathered some inspiration for you,  I have also my favorite room tours on YouTube. All of the pictures here are from Pintrest and can be found on this http://pinterest.com/juliakallen/for-the-home/.

lights and stoolsLet the inspiration flow.
 window as a headboard...why did i not think of this sooner?Closet Craft RoomStriped Ceiling #phimuroom

Okej, so do you like this light girly room, you will love this ones...

The first on and properly me nr 1 pick is by Elle Fowler http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L1wcSeoTCD8#. Love the soft shades and her book-mantel-thing.

The second one is made by Blair Fowler, she recently remade her entire room and the the perfect thing is she vloged during the time. So now when you feel so inspired, head over to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=daBv4iiS60k and get even more tips :)

Extreme Makeover: Bedroom Edition! Part 5 by otherjuicystar07
Last but certainly not least is a beautiful antique inspired room, and their lives a equally beautiful girl named Lillian Masie. She like the previously girls makes beauty videos on YouTube. check out her room by clicking this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LRheRJfz8zI

Room Tour: Feminine Antique Style by Lillian Masie

I can in all honesty say my bedroom look nothing like this pictures, how ever I do wish it did. I have now tyred to make en effort to organise my room and keeping it that way... it has not been easy let me tale you. As the craft freak that I am, I have though out the years watched my craft and scrapbook collection grown... allot. So now there is paper, glues and paint all over. I like I said, I have tyred to make it a bit more organised so when you walk into my room you don´t get so overwhelmed. That´s the idea anyway. Because I want to feel relaxed when I in my room, a place where I can charge my batteries and come out as an happy person in the morning.
Love Julia