Thursday, February 14, 2013

my Valentin

Have you ever seen a cuter gotlandsruss? He is actually my Valentin ;) His name is Rambo II, and as you can see I just finished cutting him. For you how arn´t in "horse loop", I don´t know how it´s in other country's, but in Sweden we usually cut our horses in the winter time. This may sound little odd but when they are ridden the (hopefully ;) ) work up a sweat and with a thick winter coat they get cold for a really long time. So we cut them so they don´t get to sweaty. And in honesty, does he not look adorable? 
I did not mean this to be a horse post but tomorrow is my last day at Bollebygd Ridklubb :( . I have been there for 4 weeks now and I´m really sorry to go back to school. But I´m really glad that I got to be there with such amazing peoples. I don´t know witch one´s I will miss most, the humans or the horses. I know, but when you work with them every day you get to know them, and love them.
Wont to read more about Gotlandsruss? I grow up with a Gotlandsruss and this pones really got character.
I hope that your Valentin is as awesome as my cute Rambo ;)
Kiss, Kiss- Love, Love Julia