Monday, January 27, 2014

Monday mini haul...

No project today just a quick update before I and Britta head off to Bollebygd. So I was at my chiropractor at 8:20 and lets just say I will go back on Friday.... It turns out that falling of horses is not good for your back, how know? Well any way on my way home I stopped at the supermarket to pick up some important stuff before we go.
As you can see all very necessary things. There is some baby-wipes to have on my desk. Some glitter and rhinestones, I don´t think I need explaining that. Gold and silver pens and a magazine, I hardly ever buy them but this one seems to be right up my ally. The gums are for me and the Rollinis are for Britta. I allso got some shampoo, wonder where I put that?

So to finish this off, I hope you´ll have a great week and I´ll be back on Thursday. And if you miss my to much then hop on over to youtube Here and check out my first video ;)
Love Julia

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Tilda with a rose

Guess what! I did another card... I know it´s chocking ;) But that´s not all, the papers that I used is from panduros "Sweet Christmas". I just love this papers and I have used then quite alot. So today I made a shabby chic card with a magnolia stamp, Tilda holding a rose. This stamps is older and I´m not sure that name it has but if you know just leave a comment :)

So distressed is the word of the day and almost all products are from panduro. 

 The flowers where white but with a light mist changed that. The blue roses
I just dipped in the bottle... I know I´m such a rebel X)
 Tilda is colored with distress ink and I´m trying out a new way to do her
checks. So it´s worn lipstick that is really blended and I´m loving it so I sticking with this.
Curled stems and vintage buttons, you know the drill. 

 Some fran-tage around the image and don´t forget the lace, I almost did...
An old pearl thing get to finish of the photos of this card.
This card is in the challenge over at Tildas town

Here are some more projects using that paper line:

And if you want to see how I put this together you can go here: Here
It´s my first youtube so bare that in mind and my camera died when I was putting on the flowers... Well I hope you´ll like it and maybe I´ll make more :)
Love Julia

Friday, January 24, 2014

Layout: My Sweetheart

I have made a layout, it has been ages sens I´ve done a layout. But now I´ve been playing around with the "sweet christmas" from Panduro and the more I use it the more I love it.

On this layout I´ve use the panel page and colors in pink and lilac. In the panels I put some panduro washi tape and I use cut-outs from the stack as embellishments. The buttons are vintage from my grans sewing box mixed with finds of my own.
 The bigger flowers are old ones from Prima, the big pink one I did out of some white fabric and sprayed with a pink perfect pearl. Then I have some smaller lily's and leafs. The pearl swirls are one of my favorite and I just cut them up so they fit.
 Here are some of the cut-outs. I just distressed the tags and put them on this pear shaped safety-pin.
 Another cut-out becomes a mat for the title. Can I say it to much, that I love my dymo!
 Jet another cut-out, they are just so pretty!
 My Sweetheart, Britta, she is really cheeky this one.
  I´m so in love with this shabby chic layout that I don´t want to put it away, will have to find a place for it so that I can see it!

Love Julia

Monday, January 20, 2014

Warm vintage card

If yesterdays card was shabby chic, today's card is defiantly vintage.
The flowers and buttons are all old stuff I´ve dug up from my draws. 
But the the flowers made from book-pages I made just now, they are a bit tricky to
make, though the old paper easily torn. 

 This Tilda is colored with distress ink and I had to have some fran-tage, this time in shabby blue.
The smaller roses was originally white but I just dipped them in my glimmer mist. The blue one is a mix I´ve made myself and the brown is from Lindy´s stampgang. This is a very easy way to get the color you want.
I hope you´ll have a great week and I´ll be back on Friday
Love Julia

Sunday, January 19, 2014

The shabby-chic Mermaid

So I know that I shouldn´t but I did go to Panduro to check out the sale... Do I need to say more? Well I found this paper pad from Panduros Tilda brand called "Sweet Christmas" and I just love it. So I have been playing with it and the best thing is that it´s not a purely Christmas pad. You can use it for allot of things like a winter card:

I took one pattern paper and then I used the die-cut sheet for the mat and the tag.
 Some pink flower to lift the grays. The book-page pebble I have made my self.

 This mermaid I one of my favorite! This one is one of thous that I took to my gran and tried some different distress ink coloring. I´m really liking the result but I couldn´t resist the shabby white fran-tage...
  I must say that i´m in love with this card and I woundn´t mind getting this on my birthday ;)
Love Julia

Saturday, January 18, 2014

5 ways to makeover resins

Making resins are so much fun and finding new ways to color them! Check out my post on how I make resins using the mod podge mold:  Here.

But today Is all about what to do with them when they are finished.

 1. Glitter glue
 2. Mists with glimmer
 3. Nailpolish
 4. Acrylic paint
 5. Pearlpaint
As I said before, I have tried with embossing but the resin melts before the powder thous. But that can be because that my heat gun is a industrial and not for crafting... 
Love Julia

Friday, January 17, 2014

2014 yearbook

Hello! I´m back!  And I have a project to show you and that is this years yearbook. I did do one last year : Here. Last year I though I would use it every year but I did a new one with my favorite paper line from 2013, it´s the Circus from Panduro.
 To do this book you´ll need 6 12*12 papers that are bit heavier. Fold the paper in half. Then open it up and fold it at the other way about 4" down. Then you´ll have one page with two pockets. My book is about 6*8" and the pages is put in with tough of the colors after the months.
The book I put together with black organza trough eyelets. I didn´t decorate very much just washitape and a dymo for the months. So the lace tape is over the pocket edge and the book tape is underneath the dymo.
Now just put the book together and start to fill with memory's. Here is my first of the year from My Dog.

Love Julia

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Shabby-chic Banner

I love banners, just love them and the other day I made one for a card and them I was like; I want one. So I made one :)
 The banner has 12 flags and is mad out of 6 12*12. I took and cut  the papers in half so I had 12 12*6. The I just folded them in half (so they become 6*6) and from the folded side I took a ruler and draw lines from the corners to the middle of the "open" side.
 The I just glued them, I did leave space at the top so that the string can move. So the flags are not fixed on the string, this way you can move them if you want them to be tighter or father a part.
On one side of the banner a took tiny doily's and scraps cut to circuls and glued on. 
I just love the colors and to bring out at birthdays or partys.

Love Julia

Friday, January 10, 2014

Mermaid card

I´m so in love with this Tilda mermaid stamp, on this card I just used black and then orange on her tail.
This card took no time to make just a base, two pattern papers (from primas "all about me") lace, washitape a doily and a resin flower.
 The strip over the lace is from the blue paper with stampendous aged gold embossing powder.
 Here is the banner from yesterday just with some gold pearls on.
So simple with the blue & orange color and the vintage feel. I think this is the perfect example that you don´t need a bunch of flowers. So I hope you like it
Love Julia

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Washitape is magic!

I´m home again after working at the riding-school. The same thing next week but I will be going to gran on Sunday and stay to Thursday and when I´m there I have no internet so you´ll have to be patient ;) . But on with todays post: Sometimes I need that embellishment that I just don´t have, or know what it is. So looking through my boxes in the hunt for... well anything, I came across my washitape box. So with two tapes and a piece of string and vóila: A vintage banner!
 Perfect for cards, layouts and mixed media
Love Julia

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Tilda with hearts

I don´t know where you start when you start with a new card but I started with coloring Tilda. Some glitter on the hearts and fran-tage in shabby pink around here.

So the them is sort of shabby chic love. The paper is from prima and all the flowers from pyhobby.
Distress ink are the perfect medium for coloring magnolia stamps, and you don´t need many colors.
The butterfly is a mod podge resin covered in gold, so is the res of the card.
In the challenge over at: Tildas town

I hope you like this card, now I´m getting ready to head to the riding-school to work. So no post tomorrow though I will spend the night at my grandmother and work tomorrow night to, but I will be back on Thursday!
Love Julia

Monday, January 6, 2014

Resin with mod podge

How doesn´t love resins? I do and when I was in Gothenburg at the Scrapbook fair I pick up this mod podge resin kit. I tough they where a bit expensiv but the sahps are really nice and you can use them on all of your projects, just coming up with new ways to color them is fun. I have two molds, one with flowers and one with birds but there is more shapes.

So put the mod podge stick in your glue-gun, this sticks are longer then glue-gun glue and will be white when they have dryed. 

 So just fill in the shapes, my glue-gun are not the best and won´t come up in the right temperature so the mod podge will not melt all the way, but it works.
Let sit for 10-15 min and then pop them out. Easy and fun to make. Then comes the part where you can truly be creative, to color them. Paint, sprays, glitter and inks the chooses are endless. I did try with embossing powders but it didn´go so well, the shape started to melt before the powder did...

Love Julia

Saturday, January 4, 2014

My Dog 2014

In Gothenburg now dogs from around the world comes to show off their good looks and unique beauty. Today was my turn to go with mom and Kerstin, dad went yesterday. Anybody how has been at dog shows know there is allot of waiting around but with a camera the wait is no longer a problem. There is so many different dogs and owner and everyone of them has a story to tell.
PBGV can be so cute when they tilt their head and blink.

Kerstin in action

This two beauty's are from Lady beautys kennel and made my heart melt. 

She looks like she is from a Disney movie with her dancing dog

At the end of the day, nothing is better then getting our but rubbed. 
The beagle looks a bit jealous. 

Love Julia

Friday, January 3, 2014

5 things from 2013

As a paper artist you can never have too many thing. This what you repeat when you stand at the checkout at your art store or when you see the new paper collection from your favorite brand. I know I have too many thing and jet I just want more! But new years is a time to reflect on the past year and on the year to come. So I´m taking this opportunity to give some love to whats in my drawers and picking my top 5 from 2013. So take a set, this can take some time :) .

This is no surprise, I love my Dymo and I use i on almost every project. I just love the effect it gives on a shabby chic card, it sort of breaks off and adds a bit of vintage/ grunge without leaving the shabby chic. In my book, an absolute most have!
 Some times we go out and try new things and fall in love. I´m so happy that I tried coloring with this distress inks because I just love the effect! In this little box I have a few drops of each and underneath is a piece of paper to show of the color. Easy to see the color and the lid is perfect for mixing colors. This re-fillers will last a long time but it´s not the only reason that I use them. It´s the intensity of the color and hat they are so easy to blend. Love!
 One day my day came home with this biscuit tin, it was empty but just so sweet. So here is where my self-adhesive pearls & bling. I love using this on projects and this tin is perfect for storing them. All I have to say, Thanks dad for the empty biscuit tin!
 Here is another empty tin, this one is from Australia. Here is some of the roses and lilys. For two reasons this is perfect, 1, I can easily see what I have and if they would fit the project. 2, I can easily see what I have, they are just so pretty and I hate to put them in a dark box. So I have them out and see them everyday!
 Here we have the best thing I bought in 2013! It´s the fran-tage. Here is two sample sets, one is embossing powders and the other is the micas. Just love them, the aged silver and gold embossing powders are truly aged and the shabby ones (pink, blue and white) are perfect to have around stamped images on your cards. And the micas really brings a vintage, nostalgic feel. Then I have some glitter and powders from Magnolia. So in this thin box I can see them all and I also have my cheat sheet, with my powders embossed.

So in short, 2013 was a really good scrapbook year but I have a feeling that 2014 will be even better! :D
Love Julia