Sunday, January 12, 2014

Shabby-chic Banner

I love banners, just love them and the other day I made one for a card and them I was like; I want one. So I made one :)
 The banner has 12 flags and is mad out of 6 12*12. I took and cut  the papers in half so I had 12 12*6. The I just folded them in half (so they become 6*6) and from the folded side I took a ruler and draw lines from the corners to the middle of the "open" side.
 The I just glued them, I did leave space at the top so that the string can move. So the flags are not fixed on the string, this way you can move them if you want them to be tighter or father a part.
On one side of the banner a took tiny doily's and scraps cut to circuls and glued on. 
I just love the colors and to bring out at birthdays or partys.

Love Julia