Monday, January 6, 2014

Resin with mod podge

How doesn´t love resins? I do and when I was in Gothenburg at the Scrapbook fair I pick up this mod podge resin kit. I tough they where a bit expensiv but the sahps are really nice and you can use them on all of your projects, just coming up with new ways to color them is fun. I have two molds, one with flowers and one with birds but there is more shapes.

So put the mod podge stick in your glue-gun, this sticks are longer then glue-gun glue and will be white when they have dryed. 

 So just fill in the shapes, my glue-gun are not the best and won´t come up in the right temperature so the mod podge will not melt all the way, but it works.
Let sit for 10-15 min and then pop them out. Easy and fun to make. Then comes the part where you can truly be creative, to color them. Paint, sprays, glitter and inks the chooses are endless. I did try with embossing powders but it didn´go so well, the shape started to melt before the powder did...

Love Julia