Friday, December 5, 2014

Love This Moment


Love this moment, the photo is from our last visit to the Zoo. We got the see the wild dogs witch pretty much always are hiding. So I wanted t make a layout about that moment and make my first layout with Maggie Homes "Open Book" line!

Love Julia

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Project Life week 47


Project Life, I´m so glad I have met you! Lately I really have embraced the simplicity of project life, just photos and cards. I have also worked hard on changing my attitude when scrapbooking in generally. Instead of thinking "so pretty, want to save" I try to think "so pretty, want to use!". Because if that flower or paper are so pretty, you will buy more of it! And for that reason I´m going to continue to use the Maggie Holmes mini kit for this week.

 I picked the cards with mint color because I wanted that cool feel to come through that we had this week. Another thing is that I added a flip pocket from Simple Stories so that I could add two extra photos. The journaling card behind the photo of the goats are the backside of a card from last week. That color was just right and why not use it?

Love Julia

Monday, November 24, 2014

Joy- Christmas card


So this weekend I started to go through my desk, (witch was much needed!) But I found some stuff and thought that I could make a card. What I found was, 1 bloom girl stamp, vellum and a craft cardbase. 

I wanted to try a white-line teqnice and her as a statue (like I did with this card) . The white-line makes a softer inpression and so I colors softer and with softer colors.
 The vellum frames the card without any hard edges and the gold dots brings it all together.  I love how soft the image is and the bleeding of the red.
You know what?, I think I´ll keep this card ;)

Love Julia

Thursday, November 20, 2014

I Skogen

Hello! I think there is no secret that I have a little crush on Maggie Holmes! I just got some stuff yesterday from the "Open Book" and LOVE! But today Is not about that, it´s about what you can find on her blog. A few day ago she posted a list for vintage ephemera with fall theme. So I printed out an A4 and made a layout...

 The photo is from a walk in the woods and I wanted to keep that feeling in the layout. For me the woods is magic and I wanted to keep that. The background is distress ink and mist and mounted on a forest green paper from Inkado. I layered the printed pieces with difftrenet odds and ends that I found on my desk.
 To get that magic feel I sprayed with gold very slowly, this way you get the drops = magic.
I love the end result, is really feels like the woods, I hope you liked the process video and that you could understand what I was saying...
Love Julia

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Project Life week 46

Well my week haven´t had the best start and now I have a bad sore throat. So here is the process video:

I used the Maggie Holmes mini kit for this layout sens I wanted a bit more color. As you can see I had allot of journaling so I picked the pocket design with 4x6 laying down. 

I hope you liked the layout and video even though it´s so simple.
Love Julia

Monday, November 17, 2014

December Daily Prep!

So sens I can´t do much I always look for projects that I can do sitting, like painting or scrapbooking. A few weeks ago I found "December Daily" and just thought it would be perfect! So after doing allot of research and surf-shopping I think I have found my way to December Daily:
 The album is from Simple Stories "Sn@p" black chevron burlap 6x8". In the album I keep everything and added the "Variety Insta Pocket Page"  and "Multi Pack". So I have allot of pockets to work with and if I don´t need all of them then so be it.
 I decided to break up the album in 4 parts after the Advent weeks. So my thought is that each week have layouts about what happens in that week. So example week one; We start to listen to Christmas music and put up Christmas curtains and flowers. 
 So here is a layout that I have started on, Christmas music, I put the covers in the 2x2 pockets and think that I will put the playlists in the 3x3 pocket. But as you can see I have yet to decide. 
 This layout is finished, my favorite movies! So easy, just a 3x4 card with the title and then the moveis. I just googled and printed them as 3x4.

So this is my starting point and I´m so exited to go in to December and to finish this project. And Bye the way I love working in this 6x8 format and seriously thinking of having this for 2015 PL. So many choices!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Art journal page: finger flowers

Have you had a bad day? The best way to cheer up in painting with your fingers! It´s a proven fact!

In this part of the world November i just another word for grey and rain witch makes me long for summer, the sun and flowers. One of my all time favorite flowers is the hydrangea, one flowers with so many colors. So I started a page in my story art journal. 
 White background and word-stencil with modelingpast made it so easy to start dabbing paint with the fingers.
 I used turquoise and green for the leafs and turquoise, white, light pink and magenta for the flowers. I love this combinations and sens I never dried the flower the colors blended beautifully. 
 I then sprayed the spread with a pink glimmer spray, to pull out the colors and it also the text-background to stand out. And bye the way, when is a pink spray ever wrong?!
Now Have a great weekend and have some fun with finger-painting!

Love Julia

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Project Life w 45

Week 45 and I did not have a plan. I did the title card but the rest, no idea. And that is how it is for many others. I tend to think about what card or paper I want to use during the week but not this week. 
 Here is my title card I made in the Rhonna Design App, witch by the way is my favorite app... after instagram.  I love the colors and the gold frame.
 The 3x4 cards was a bit of an challenge to fix. But in the end I picked a November calender, a brush filler card and a journaling card from Good Times value pack
 Wiola is a big part of my life sense I can´t do much. My back and head have been worse this week but having her makes me smile and that makes such a big different.  ...O and ice cream!

Have a great week, I have some videos planed from my art journal that I hope that you will like
Love Julia

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Art storybook- Frost

I haven´t scraped allot in a while, but I have spent allot of time in my storybook. If you follow me on instagram you have seen some wip and pages. Today I thought I would show you how I did one of my favorite pages; Frost

Whit this page I wanted a winter feel with snowflakes but with an unexpected color. I would never have picked flesh but I did and I like it.
 This is a very easy page, paint, stencil and some messiness.
 Stencils don´t have to be expensive and made out of fancy plastic. I saved the scrap from when I die cuted the snowflakes and now I can use it as a stencil, spraying and modeling past.
 Lindy´s Stamp gang truly makes amazing sprays that drays like watercolor and the shine! This peacock-color is my favorite and is perfect for this page.
 White lifts. That is a thruth so on this page I used 3 different, paint, modeling past and a pearlesent have body paint. I only used my finger and dragged it across the page. This lights up but doesn´t hide the other layers.
 Contrast... = black ink. Yes I love my liquid black acrylic ink I needed some contrast and what better way then ink splatter?

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Week 44- project life

I have had a bad week, well I still have it honestly... So you might feel my lake of enthusiasm, but that is the good thing about PL. I had a bad week and didn´t feel like scrap, so I printed my photos, picked some cards and done! not my favorite week but you know what? it´s done, in my album and now I can focus on this week.

 Now don´t get me wrong I did allot of fun things this week and got some really good photos but sometimes you just feel... blah.
 I just have to say how much I love this photo on the right. I love that you can see the gravestone, the fog and the church. I don´t know if any of you put candles on the graves at this time, but pleas let me know!

So I have spent allot of time in my art journal and I thought that I would show you some pages and process video this week, so if you are interested... The first one will be up tomorrow.
Have a great week
Love Julia 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Project Life week 42


How is your week so far? In this part of the world it rains... And Wiola loves it! I don´t.... But anyhow, this is the day where I show you my progress in Project Life. Here is week 42:

For this week I picked a Sn@p pocket and the Theresa Collins "Life Emporium" 6x6 pad. This design has 6 4x4 ans 4 3x4, perfect for instagram photos.

 The title card I made in the Rhonna Design App, the colors works perfect with both photos and "Life Emporium". I just wrote week- number- date to date. And a pretty flower. I love this way of combining digital and physical scrapbooking. And with this app you can make a card in-front of the TV or waiting for prince Charming...
 I used some of the stickers from the collection and and cut white strips to journal on sens the wood paper is a bit hard to see.
 Witch is what I should have done on my muffins card, but hey, it works and I love that pattern!

I hope you all have a great week
Love Julia

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Pretty Girl- layout

Hey Pretty Girl!

This layout I wanted to try something different, combining to really different lines; Prima "Epiphany" and Crate paper "Note & Things". I wanted to use the ephemera pack, I think it´s fun but haven´t used it as much as I wanted. So on this layout I used a big part of it. (well not really, that pack is stuffed!)

 I picked pink, mint and orange this way the layout still look cohesive even though I use allot of different bits and pieces. On the right side I took a 4x6 ATC from the "Epiphany" and the title is the lovely gold letter from Thickers.
 I brushed the edges with a mix of "vintage photo" and "pumice stone" (I used the same dobber with different ink, what can I say... I like to live dangerous )

 Some black lace and gold dotted washi tape is just what the doctor ordered. Not to peak of some health ink splatter...

So in conclusion, don´t hesitate to mix different lines and brands, for when you do that the layout will be so much more interesting!
Have a great weekend, now it´s time for a walk with my pretty girl
Love Julia

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Project Life w 41

It´s week 42 only 10 weeks left! Today I have week 41´s process video ready for you and of course some rambling.

First here is the video:

For this week I used Prima´s "Cartographer" line, it was such a long time sens I worked with "vintage" paper so I thought it was time. I love this balloon paper and the calender from Sara Woordrow .   Now, I couldn´t find the printable but you should totally check her out, she is amazing!!!
 I have noted that Wiola is taking over my life, but how can that be a bad thing?
 When working with the "Design A" incorporate Instagram photos can be tricky. But try to see it as photo plus a journaling space. Here to get a clear spot, I used black ink and then a white gel-roller pen.
 I wanted to add a photo of this cheesecake I made and the recipe but that would have taking up too much space. And I wanted a cute filler card, solution:
 The pockets from Sn@p are so easy to use and perfect for adding for example a recipe and a photo of a cheesecake...
I hope you all have a great week and see you all of Thursday for a layout process video, I have a felling that Wiola will be a part of it...
Love Julia 

Friday, October 17, 2014

Wiola- layout

It´s finally Friday! I have the second layout made from this weeks kit. I fall head over heal in love with the two papers from Basic Grey "Wisteria" and for this layout I had to make them the focal point. 

 I love the cool colors of the white, blue, purple and black. The black I think is a very important part to bring contrast to the page, so that it not just flat. The black quote card is from "Good Times" value pack and the frame is something I made and I had to add a heart brad.
 The title is made with tiny wood letters from Studio Calico together with a wood heart. This page is build in a grid and to bring balance I wanted something soft and what better then a ity-bity doily?
 I wanted quiet allot of journaling but didn´t want to add anything more. So I journaled on the photo, that has allot of white space.
 As a finishing touch a added ink drops and teal sequins. The teal adds some warmth and also some glossy accents dots just for the fun of it.
 I hope you like this and the video
have a amazing weekend and I hope to see you on Tuesday
Love Julia