Monday, November 17, 2014

December Daily Prep!

So sens I can´t do much I always look for projects that I can do sitting, like painting or scrapbooking. A few weeks ago I found "December Daily" and just thought it would be perfect! So after doing allot of research and surf-shopping I think I have found my way to December Daily:
 The album is from Simple Stories "Sn@p" black chevron burlap 6x8". In the album I keep everything and added the "Variety Insta Pocket Page"  and "Multi Pack". So I have allot of pockets to work with and if I don´t need all of them then so be it.
 I decided to break up the album in 4 parts after the Advent weeks. So my thought is that each week have layouts about what happens in that week. So example week one; We start to listen to Christmas music and put up Christmas curtains and flowers. 
 So here is a layout that I have started on, Christmas music, I put the covers in the 2x2 pockets and think that I will put the playlists in the 3x3 pocket. But as you can see I have yet to decide. 
 This layout is finished, my favorite movies! So easy, just a 3x4 card with the title and then the moveis. I just googled and printed them as 3x4.

So this is my starting point and I´m so exited to go in to December and to finish this project. And Bye the way I love working in this 6x8 format and seriously thinking of having this for 2015 PL. So many choices!