Sunday, May 31, 2015

Save this layout!

Don´t you just hate when you have done a really fun layout and messing up with the late thing; the damned Ink drops!
It´s been a bit of a drought here when it comes to creative work so yesterday I really wanted to just do a fun layout! Yellow paint and PL cards from the Open Book core kit (I think by now everyone knows just how much I love that collection!) Everything went great and I love how fun it was and working with so bright yellow! Then came that point where I needed that extra black to bump up the contrast, and what do I do? messing it up!! Trying to blow on it, making it worse...

But in the world of scrapbooking the mess has to be really bad for you not being able to save the layout... So I knew I wanted something to cover it up, whiteout looking heavy and had to be black. 

So I tried again with the treacherous ink, making flowers and leafs. If you look close you can still see the ink drops, by not covering it all up I didn´t loose that lightness but it looks more like I knew what I was doing... sort of. No, I really like how it ended and now I don´t just love it for the fact that I made an awesome layout with yellow, but I saved it! 

Now go and save some layouts!

Love Julia

Friday, May 22, 2015


Hello everyone!

I have some really exiting news, our Kerstin has given birth to 5 happy and healthy puppies the 20th of may! They are all doing well and are quit big! So now I will spend 90% of my waking time staring at them.

Naming this this little precious is a big deal so I decided to pick names from my favorite movies/ books.  The boys are all red witch is rather odd sens neither Kerstin or the father is red. It´s Kerstins grandmother how has that color but that is rather far back. Any way we are so happy that the red came through!

Here they are:

If you want to see more puppy-photos, follow my instagram :)

Love Julia

Friday, May 15, 2015

Project Cheval part 3- Dream

I´m here with part 3 of project Cheval and this one is one of my favorite! I love this dreamy layout for tow reasons, the soft colors and the you are being pulled in. And because I keep dreaming about him and want to keep that dream feel in this album.

I love the glitter and vellum elements here to and to the dreamy feel. The colors are perfect and so easy to use.

"Now you are just a dream"

Love Julia K

Friday, May 1, 2015

Project Cheval Part 2- Forget Mej Ej


I´m back with a Project Cheval layout. I really love doing this layouts, spending time with him and working with my "kit". Now as you can see in the intro I didn´t pick a big kit, but it´s great as an starting point. The Kiss Kiss chipboard and the Dear Lizzy Thickers are elements that i use on almost every page. In later layouts you´ll see me using different brands and collections but my goal for this album is to have fun and to have something to remember Cheval.

Soft, neutral and fresh. That was what I wanted for this and I really wanted a big part of that floral paper from Magnolia. The title is even based on that paper and I love how the soft blue helps the photo.
 There is not much on this layout but I love this heart banner from the chipboard pack. It adds just that extra but it´s still neutral so it goes so well with my other colors. 
 All of the colors are so... nice and to humph up the contrast I used the tiny letters from Tim Holtz and a black washi tape. I love the softness of this layout but adding just a touch black makes it so much more interesting.  

love Julia