Sunday, May 31, 2015

Save this layout!

Don´t you just hate when you have done a really fun layout and messing up with the late thing; the damned Ink drops!
It´s been a bit of a drought here when it comes to creative work so yesterday I really wanted to just do a fun layout! Yellow paint and PL cards from the Open Book core kit (I think by now everyone knows just how much I love that collection!) Everything went great and I love how fun it was and working with so bright yellow! Then came that point where I needed that extra black to bump up the contrast, and what do I do? messing it up!! Trying to blow on it, making it worse...

But in the world of scrapbooking the mess has to be really bad for you not being able to save the layout... So I knew I wanted something to cover it up, whiteout looking heavy and had to be black. 

So I tried again with the treacherous ink, making flowers and leafs. If you look close you can still see the ink drops, by not covering it all up I didn´t loose that lightness but it looks more like I knew what I was doing... sort of. No, I really like how it ended and now I don´t just love it for the fact that I made an awesome layout with yellow, but I saved it! 

Now go and save some layouts!

Love Julia

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