Friday, March 29, 2013

Easter time


Happy Easter to you all! Yesterday we where at a friends house to celebrate a early Easter. Well it was mostly because we hadn´t seen each other for a while and yesterday fitted the calender... Any how, we had a really good time and Stina had made the house Easter ready and I just had to shear it with you.

To desert we got chocolate pudding with whippet cream and peaches.
I hope your Easter is filled with friend, family and lots of eggs.
Love Julia

Thursday, March 21, 2013


So it´s mid march all ready witch means that I only have less then 8 weeks left at school. One thing that I will miss is riding good horses. The Photo is from Tuesday when I was riding "my" horse Kasanova. Sense I now go in the more advance dressage group I only ride one horse and that is Kasanova. he is a very speacil horse that makes you work for it, but if you do it right he is one of the best dressage horses in our school. When I saw this photo I felt so proud and thankful that my friend captured it. I think it really good to se how it looks when you ride, I can see how he works with his legs and is relaxed and listen to me. I also se that my face matches my sweater... not so nice.
I think alto of young girl how ride have to much pressur on them and most of that pressuer is from them self, I´m like that. I´m better now and can relise what is resenebul for me to acshev. It´s hard to be young and want so much and see others how make it look so easy but not beeing abul to do it your self. The mor you know, the more you know how little you know. I think that is the essens of riding.
And when you have trully understud that, alto will change
Love Julia

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Yearbook 2013

For 2013 I wanted to make a yearbook. This year I will graduate and I feel allot will happen so I want to document it not just by writhing but also with photos and other stuff. The book is made out of pockets so you can save all the birthday card and movie tickets. I used the k & co jubilee collation and my dymo.

In the December pocket I put a letter that I wroth in the beginning of January. The letter is about what I think this year will bring.
Love Julia

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Make Cards

Hello, today I thought I would show you some cards I´ve made the other day. The first card is a bit more advanced and the second ones are allot easier to make.

The first card. I took a 12*6 piece of cardboard in brow, folded in half and then a 6*6 piece of the moulin rouge from prima marketing. Then I added some lace, flowers, pearls a stamp and a dymo tag. (Grattis = Happy Birthday)

The second is just a 6*6 folded in half with a stamp on a mat. This card I make the most out of becues they are so easy and not very big. Why make life more compliceted then it allredy is?

Love Julia

Sunday, March 10, 2013


The other day I was walking around in our little small town and ended up in one of my favorite stores, Magnolia ( or is it a boutique?) This store was from the start just scrapbook but after they moved to a bigger location they also incorporated home decor. So when I was there now they had finish the home decor section and I wanted you to see the vintage, shabby chic beauty that they have. Of curse they have allot of scrapbook stuff and if you want to see that part just let me know ;) 

Magnolia have all ready stared to get ready for Easter. They have allot of cute Easter stamps, paper but also candles shaped as eggs. (they stand on the table in the egg carton)

The have a little "room" that is more for weddings, you can see a wedding dress and they have little bags and special wedding flowers and card making stuff.

I know that the pics arn´t the best, I just had my iPhone but I hope that you can get an idea.
Love Julia

Football Cake

Yesterday we celebrated my cousin how turned 11. He plays football ( or as the Americans call it "soccer") and he is quite good so he wish for a football cake. My godmother (how is his mother) is amazing in the kitchen and make fantastic cakes. She made this football cake for him and does it not look amazing?! I can´t help but get inspaierd when ever I come over to them and she has made cakes. One year for her dather she made one with Winne the Pho on. I love Winnie the Pho!

And as you know I can´t eat the cake, witch I was quite bombed about because her cakes taste so good, but she had bought some strawberry's, pears, melons and apple. Besides the apples it was so nice of her to think a little extra of me.

So if you need some inspiration for making a boys cake try the football cake.
Love Julia

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Sun, Drawing and IBS

So after a awful night I decided to try to draw something in the sunshine. I have had bad stomach aches for almost three years but it´s slowly getting better... Well that´s what I would have said if you´ll asked my a week ago. Any way yesterday it hurt so much I could hardly breath. So not much sleep for me. So I took my sketchbook with me outside and for the first time in moth I could sit down and draw. That on the other hand felt really good. Something that does not feel as good is that because I stayed home today I missed our riding lesson. The thing is that we only have about 9 times left and I don´t want to miss any more. Speaking of the end of the year I ordered my prom dress yesterday. I have tried on one dress before and I find it a big relive to just order one. So now I just keep my fingers crossed for that it will come on time and fit.
I don´t know if any body how reads this have experienced this sort of stomach aches where you hardly can breath or eat, because that is sometimes the most painful experience. I´m a rather strong person, otherwise I would not have been handling it for so long, but it does taking it´s toll.All the doctors I have been at this far they have all just said you have IBS or stress tummy, read about it online. My new Doctor has put me on this new diet with new medicine.  I do think it´s working but not being able to eat dairy products, grains, citrus, onions, coffee, tea or juice.  I do hope that this will help, if you have some similar situation I would be so happy to hear how you deal with it.
Love Julia

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Baby Bom

Today the sun has been out so we decided to eat outside. I took on my winter coat, some tennis shoes and slided down the driveway (or ice rink) My little brother loves making up fires so we barbecue some sausages. I grow up with this types of lunches and I don´t think there is anything that taste better then barbecued sausages out in the sunshine.

So the other day I talked about down days and that sometimes it´s not so much days but down periods. I don´t say that I´ve deep down lately but I´ve haven´t been very up ether. It´s amazing however what a little bit of sunshine can do for you. In a country like Sweden you have a real winter so allot of us get a bit down without the sun. So when March comes around all we want is for the snow to melt away and the birds to start singing.

And I just wanted to share with you all some new comers at our school. Here are two baby lambs that are just a couple of weeks old and aren´t they the cutest things. This is one of the best things about going on an agricultural school, all the baby's coming now and soon the foals will come. I´ll keep you posted on the baby bom.

Love Julia