Thursday, March 21, 2013


So it´s mid march all ready witch means that I only have less then 8 weeks left at school. One thing that I will miss is riding good horses. The Photo is from Tuesday when I was riding "my" horse Kasanova. Sense I now go in the more advance dressage group I only ride one horse and that is Kasanova. he is a very speacil horse that makes you work for it, but if you do it right he is one of the best dressage horses in our school. When I saw this photo I felt so proud and thankful that my friend captured it. I think it really good to se how it looks when you ride, I can see how he works with his legs and is relaxed and listen to me. I also se that my face matches my sweater... not so nice.
I think alto of young girl how ride have to much pressur on them and most of that pressuer is from them self, I´m like that. I´m better now and can relise what is resenebul for me to acshev. It´s hard to be young and want so much and see others how make it look so easy but not beeing abul to do it your self. The mor you know, the more you know how little you know. I think that is the essens of riding.
And when you have trully understud that, alto will change
Love Julia