Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Sun, Drawing and IBS

So after a awful night I decided to try to draw something in the sunshine. I have had bad stomach aches for almost three years but it´s slowly getting better... Well that´s what I would have said if you´ll asked my a week ago. Any way yesterday it hurt so much I could hardly breath. So not much sleep for me. So I took my sketchbook with me outside and for the first time in moth I could sit down and draw. That on the other hand felt really good. Something that does not feel as good is that because I stayed home today I missed our riding lesson. The thing is that we only have about 9 times left and I don´t want to miss any more. Speaking of the end of the year I ordered my prom dress yesterday. I have tried on one dress before and I find it a big relive to just order one. So now I just keep my fingers crossed for that it will come on time and fit.
I don´t know if any body how reads this have experienced this sort of stomach aches where you hardly can breath or eat, because that is sometimes the most painful experience. I´m a rather strong person, otherwise I would not have been handling it for so long, but it does taking it´s toll.All the doctors I have been at this far they have all just said you have IBS or stress tummy, read about it online. My new Doctor has put me on this new diet with new medicine.  I do think it´s working but not being able to eat dairy products, grains, citrus, onions, coffee, tea or juice.  I do hope that this will help, if you have some similar situation I would be so happy to hear how you deal with it.
Love Julia