Sunday, March 10, 2013


The other day I was walking around in our little small town and ended up in one of my favorite stores, Magnolia ( or is it a boutique?) This store was from the start just scrapbook but after they moved to a bigger location they also incorporated home decor. So when I was there now they had finish the home decor section and I wanted you to see the vintage, shabby chic beauty that they have. Of curse they have allot of scrapbook stuff and if you want to see that part just let me know ;) 

Magnolia have all ready stared to get ready for Easter. They have allot of cute Easter stamps, paper but also candles shaped as eggs. (they stand on the table in the egg carton)

The have a little "room" that is more for weddings, you can see a wedding dress and they have little bags and special wedding flowers and card making stuff.

I know that the pics arn´t the best, I just had my iPhone but I hope that you can get an idea.
Love Julia