Saturday, August 29, 2015

My Story 12x12 scrapbook layout

Do you read allot of scrapbook blogs? I don´t, I have a few favorites (and lots of you-tube ones) this I check a few times a week and always feel inspired! On of those blogs are Maggie Holmes blog and the other day Kim posted this layout:
I love this page, the design, the colors and the "messy-ness" of it. I just had to scrapbook after seeing this one and jumped in to my scrap-tin.

I picked my scraps and placed them in some sort of color order, cold to warm but without thinking to much of it. Blue to yellow to pink, but I wanted to yellow to be a bit more. The title and flowers are Maggie Holmes "Open Book" and work so well whit the other yellows on the page.

But my favorite part of this is the stitching, I love the subtle effect it gives and the it sort of pushes all of the patterns a step back. It took time, I won´t lie, but it was so worth it! 

After I had stopped filming I felt that the background needed something more. (this is the danger whit leaving your layouts on your desk, they will never be "just right") Anyway, I decided to add some watercolor-look by the "packaging-technique" and distress ink in "pumic stone" and some teal spray. 
In the end I love how it turned out and will definitely to this technique again so thank you Kim!!

Love Julia

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

"Where do you sleep?" A4 scrapbook process

So the other day I was looking through my email trashcan for a email, but found that I subscribe to Simple Stories and in one of their emails was a link to some really cute printables. I hardly ever print that kind of stuff because my printer and I don´t get along, but for that dog I just had to!!

I went whit A4 and a stong pink background matted on a diagonal B&W from Maggie Holmes "Confetti". The elements from the printable are so cute, I printed page 6 and used all but 2 elements! and  between you and me, I would love a hole sheet of the dog and the flower circle! 

 I mean, look at that dog! so cute. I really enjoyed working on this layout, using cute things that are perfect for "life"
 I printed on a laser paper 250g witch takes the color better and feel more... real then regular copy-paper.
 Where do you sleep?- Var sover du? 
 The elements that I had left I saved for my project life week 34. And they worked prefect for PL as well! In my PL I put in cute photos of my dogs, my baking and painting and also what I read and listen too. (Miss Fisher and Persuasion)
 As well as the printed stuff I used Simple Stories "Sn@p" labels in pink
 A little cluster on the bottom of the week card of label, printed doughnut, punched heart and pink glitter letters from Heidi Swapp
 Don´t forget, I obsessed about this girl!
In short, I love this printable and even though it´s intended for their "Life Documented" planner it works beautifully on both scrapbook layouts and Project Life pages!
Love Julia

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Försten 12x12 scrapbook process

I´m loving pillaging my stash, not constantly thinking I wanting to save this or that. Paper pad-cover, sticker bakers and scraps are flying n to my trashcan! As am uploading this video I´m putting together a kit of B&W and mint!! So fun! But that is not done so let´s check out this B&W layout whit blues...

Here I stated whit a collage I made here of our dogs that goes running like crazy... I made it B&W and wanted most of the papers to be that to and then add a another color in the embellishments.
 The color I picked was a blue and then in different shades. (and gold) (because I can´t control myself) As you might see allot of the die-cuts (all) are from Maggie Holmes "Open Book" . Two of the papers are from that same collection, the bold strip and the glasses. The chalkboard and polka-dot are from Dear Lizzy "Polka dot party"

 The tile was my big thing here. I changed it and then again. This puffy stickers are from Heidi Swapp in navy and I think they have a very fun color but it just didn´t work. So at first I darkened them whit a grey ink pad but didn´t like it. At last I just took white acrylic ink and painted the top of them. The title is not as bold as I would have wanted it but I love the blue sides.
Can we just take a moment to check out how funny Wiola is looking! She is coming here on the left side and I have never seen here look so... unattractive...

Love Julia

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

This is what it´s all about 12*12 scrapbook process

I love tassels, I think they are so cute, elegant and easy. But having a big tassel on your page will definitely add some bulk... So I started to do water-colored tassels, I used them here and also today.

I think this layout turned out super fun and festive but I do think I might go back and change the journaling. I don´t like how it looks....

 Trying to add more soft materials to my pages, like ribbon and lace. Here I found this old ivory and added it to the layers. Also I really like sawing on my pages and here whit paper, lace and vellum I like it even more.
But my favorite part has to be this photo of W, I played whit photo shop and made it B&W except her tongue. 

I had made this a while back and lucky for me the colors worked so well whit Maggie Holmes "Confetti" line!

Love Julia

Monday, August 17, 2015

High Flyer 12x12 scrapbook page

We have had a busy week, not all fun and that is why it´s Monday when this post is up. But it´s here now!

And here are the photos:

 The die-cuts and chipboard are from Crate Paper "Craft Market" the other things are older specialty papers from years ago. (I´m not sure how it is whit acid in this papers, if you want to use them, might be a good idea to check first)

Love Julia

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

DIY; This is you

As you may have noticed I now post two videos a week, one in the week ends and one on Wednesday, and today it´s Wednesday! On this layout I worked whit my DIY theme, trying to use things I have done, altered or just work a bit harder on the layout.
On this one I took inspiration from this layout, I have it hanging next to my desk to inspire me... 
it seams work! 

here I wanted black and white
 this is YOU, that is the title for this page of Wiola. This photo is so...her, Waving her paw and always wanting to be close. I didn´t journal on this page, just a title and two quotes from Tim Holtz "small talk" . I didn´t want to add to much text, letting the title be a strong focus, just as Wiola is a strong personalty.
 At first I just wanted the page to be black and white but I had to add this blue tassels and some gold. But I love that I did and the gold is so bold together whit this colors and that "YOU" is a focus, just like she is. It was so fun working whit this colors and they make a big impact in the album!
 The background is white and then a painted craft A4 whit white and paynes. I love this color combo and so happy that I use it... as I don´t uselly do...It´s so easy to make this things, not so easy to find a place for them. But now I have made two so this was a winner!
 "if you´re lucky enough to be different, never change"
 Love black and white one black and white! And the Maggie Holmes embellishments work so well together even though they are from different collection, it´s all about the colors!
Love Julia

Saturday, August 8, 2015

the fine & dandy challege: 5 layouts

My Fine & Dandy 6*6 pad is close to empty and my album is growing! Today I do 5 layouts in one sitting whit the goal of them to be cohesive. Doing two layouts  is hard, but 5! I first wanted to hit myself and my bad idea but then I thought: grid. grid designs are easy and always looks look!

 Each layout is 4 boxes, two photos, one for journaling and one for embellishments. All layouts are built the same but whit some differences, the photo for example is placed so the puppy is looking in to the page, not of it. 
 The colors that dominate the layout is picked up from the second photo; of the detective that the puppy is named after. I love this shows and characters so naming the puppies after them was a must!
 The papers are from Dear Lizzy "Fine & Dandy" and whit that I used a die-cut pack from Heidi Swapp "September Skies" and letter sticker from Tim Holtz.
 To really emphasis the grid I took black thread and saw around each card/ photo. And as you can see, I did need allot of paper or embellishments to make each look cute and finished!
When doing this layouts I worked on them all at the same time, first matting and then embellishments and the journaling. If I didn´t know what to add or what to do next whit one I put it aside and continued on the next. This way I did the same steps at the same time on all of them.
 All of the layouts look different but it´s clear that they belong together. Doing so many layout whit the same feel is so easy when working whit a grid!

Love Julia

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

DIY Together

Today I have a new favorite layout to show. I just love how it came together! I had a plan and I stuck to it, just that is amazing!

 It´s now so easy to edit photos and we do it almost on a daily base for Instagram or what not. So what I wanted was a feel of de-saturated and high contrast. Like that the layout it self had gone through a program, not just the photo.
 My DIY- elements on this layout is the resins, made whit paper.clay in silicon molds. The tiny tassels and the butterflies. This has been in my head for quite some time, I knew I wanted to do I layout whit butterflies flying but wasn´t sure just how. So finally I sat down just cut them out, free hand from patterned paper, book pages and tissue and the stitched them together.
 The paper-clay is so fun to work with and easy to color but here I wanted most of the embellishments to be white, or light.
 Normally I put away my layouts when I´m done, becouas if I leave them on my desk I will the next day add something... And on this one, the morning after, (morning mind! not yet awake) I just had to add some black ink splatter... How did that go? well my butterfly in no longer light and airy...

Love Julia

Sunday, August 2, 2015

DIY- 1 year

Hello all of you pretty people! I´m so exited to have a new little project, by now you might now that I get really exited by having "projects"! I´m not so good to stick to them for a longer time but hey, that okej :) Anyway my new project or mission is to put more me on the page, like working more on the background or to use the embellishments I have made...

Here is the first layout and what I really wanted was a woods feel without it turning in to a theme. So I gessoed a 12*12 watercolor paper and then sprayed whit different colors over 3 threes from Tattered Angel.
 I then used the masks to make this threes and them watercolor them. I really like how they turned out but it I was to do it agien, I would do the threes on a heavier paper so that the color really comes out.
 The title is Heidi Swapp puffy stickers in Navy that I just stiched over when I sewed around the page.
 The wood hearts works so well with the wood feel and I just had to have some ink splatter, black and gold.

 The layout is about that Wiola and I have been together for a year! It feels like yesterday I hold her when she was just a few minutest old! She has grown to such an amazing dog and I couldn´t love her any!
I hope that you have liked this post and that you would like to come back to see more in the DIY-series
Love Julia