Wednesday, August 5, 2015

DIY Together

Today I have a new favorite layout to show. I just love how it came together! I had a plan and I stuck to it, just that is amazing!

 It´s now so easy to edit photos and we do it almost on a daily base for Instagram or what not. So what I wanted was a feel of de-saturated and high contrast. Like that the layout it self had gone through a program, not just the photo.
 My DIY- elements on this layout is the resins, made whit paper.clay in silicon molds. The tiny tassels and the butterflies. This has been in my head for quite some time, I knew I wanted to do I layout whit butterflies flying but wasn´t sure just how. So finally I sat down just cut them out, free hand from patterned paper, book pages and tissue and the stitched them together.
 The paper-clay is so fun to work with and easy to color but here I wanted most of the embellishments to be white, or light.
 Normally I put away my layouts when I´m done, becouas if I leave them on my desk I will the next day add something... And on this one, the morning after, (morning mind! not yet awake) I just had to add some black ink splatter... How did that go? well my butterfly in no longer light and airy...

Love Julia

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