Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Scarpbook page: Say Hello

Hello and good day to you all. Up for another layout? Guess how it´s about... Kerstin of course!

For this layout I stared with a make over for my flowers. This ones are cheery blossoms with pink edges and some thingies in the middle. The one on the right here is how they look before.

The one on the right I just have sprayed with "pearl" glimmer mist and then put some "candy apple" in the center on the petals.

This one is just sprayed with "pearl" and then put some green ink in the middle and then some golden thingies.

And here she is, saying hello.

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Love Julia


Monday, July 29, 2013

Sleepy hounds

I found this pic of Kerstin and Fridolf snuggling up in a bed made for one. It´s like the Swedish saying, "Finns the hjärterum finns det stjärterum". It means right of, if their is a place in the heart their is a place for one´s bottom.  Any how, to the layout! As you can see very simple with a slash of yellow. I like the polaroid feeling the photo mat gives and the white title breaks of the romantic of the lace and roses. The crystal swirls is also something new, from my pearl upsizing.  Also the small blue and lilac flowers I have altered a bit from when I got them. I took some green ink in the middle of them. This to give them some more dementien. This trick I found very good and can by used on practically any flowers.  

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Love Julia 

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Simpel is the word

Why do we do stuff harder for our self then they have to be? So today simple is the word. And to show you that I´m going to make this cardboard box pretty. Weapon of choice: trusty old glue gun.  

It really is a simple as one, two and three. Now me laces has a knew and prettier home.
Love Julia


Sunday, July 14, 2013

Scrapbook page: Celebrate your art

What is more importuned then the art? Maybe your own art? I think so, so I thought that it´s time to celebrate it. What is more right for a scraper then to do a layout about one of my favorite pieces.

Paper- Magnolia INC
Washi tape-  Panduro Hobby
Flowers- Prima
Bling- Prima
Pearls- Zva
Photo- Julia Källén
cardstock- dcwv

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Love Julia

Monday, July 8, 2013

Scrapbook Page "Julia"

 A simple page about myself. Yes, why not. You see I´ve just got this new paper pad (well it´s quite old but I´ve just bought it) and I wanted to do something with it and so I found this photo of me from February and got stared. So the papers is from DCWV "french country stack", the flowers from Petaloo, pearls from Zva and the big metal flower is from PYHobby. Is a Swedish Webb shop and the reason I love it is for that they are really cheap. Here in Sweden scrapbooking is really expensive, almost all the material is shipped here from the US so even if it´s cheap over there it get pricey over here. That why it´s so good that their is cheaper places. But even though they are cheap they have amazingly good stuff there. So if you live in Sweden or just visiting, make time to visit
I though I would share this with you. Wheal I did the page this two decided to take a nap on my bed. The only place in the entire house where they are not aloud to be. (I some what allergic, not much but enough the have difficulty breathing)  But they are so adorable. You might know Svea the black one and the other fatty is Tolos, yes after the aristocats.

That was what I wanted to say for today.
Love Julia

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Puppie siting

Puppie sitting? But yes of course. This little angles are now just four week and that means that they are full of Life, at least for twenty minuets at the time. The kennel owner had a dog show so that means that "The kennelGirl" comes to the rescue. ( The kennelGirl that me, I have a t-shirt that conforms that ;))

So some weekend I that my car and drive to the kennel and spend the day puppie sitting, just your normal weekend job, no? Oh well I have never been call normal, to late to start now.

What to know more about this angles? go to

Just some short about the PBGV. We have had this breed for about 19 years, so this is purely my experience.
- They are a hunting dog! Don´t let any body try to tell you differently. Of hundred dog it´s one that don´t hunt.
- They are perfect family dogs, they love to sleep in the bed with you and would do so all day if they could.
- They are extremely positive, there are no problems according to this dogs. They are like clowns.
- They don´t shed and are rarely sick or has problems. A healthy breed. Well this how ever is a bit different depending on were you look. The dog I know are healthy. I do know that in France they have some eye problems that they are working hard one breeding away.

So thinking about a PBGV? I would recommend them to you that likes to hunt, deer or hare, have a big fence yard and want a fun loving dog. But make sure the kennel is a good one, the purely hunting kennels tend to forget about the dogs look. Why I the dogs look in portend when I´m just going to hunt with it you ask. How good those a dog run with a to long back or crocked front legs. That the reason we breed dog, horses, cow etc.. The breeding plan we fowl to get a stronger and healthier dog, horse, cow etc..

I hope that this has helped you and as I said, this is just my thoughts and if you would like to know more just leave a comment.
Love Julia

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Art journal "what´s your center"

Here is just a quick post on a page from my art journal. It´s as you can see inspired from the movie "rise of the guardians". I did a quiz on some website to find out what was my center. As it turns out I a Easter bunny ;) . So feeling inspired I grabbed my watercolor crayons and well you see what happened. Any how I decided to make a page about it  and wright what I felt about finding my own center.

Sometimes I really like to do something at the spur of the moment and see what comes out of it. I didn´t have a plan when I started, I didn´t care about it being perfect or have the exact color. I just had fun. Don´t forget to have fun, that is why we create.

Love Julia