Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Oh Deer and it all goes wrong... "Everyday Adventure" 12x12 scrapbook

Oh Deer and it all goes wrong... 
Yeah, what do you do when you step back from a page and you know it's all wrong, ugly and terrible? Do you toss it in the bin, set it a light or do you start over? 
Well have I have to say that I usually see when it's staring to go wrong and can fix it. But there are times when I'm so fixed on an idea that I don't see clearly. I think this has allot to do with your process. I hardly ever start with an "finished" ide, but let it grow, so when I'm so set on that end result, well it messes with me! 
But the next morning, I pulled it apart and started over:
So what says it's worth trying again? Well on this page I really wanted to tell the story with this photo. So for round 2 I picked paper and embellishments that had cohesive colors that went with the photo.  I kept the focus of the page concentrated above the middle line and added journaling strips instead of a block. The strips doesn't take that much wight but are still easy to read on the background. This means I still have my horizontal design but journaling under. 
 A few black elements to add contrast, wood leafs and gold adds some warmth. Sens this page is about W and that she is always on the lookout for deers I really wanted to use all of them from Maggie Holmes "Bloom" but I settled for the gold one and made a bigger piece of it. Also the title is rather big but sens the photo isn't zoomed in there is allot of empty space for ex an big title. 

Products used:
WrMK "Wild Flower" Paper and stickers
Maggie Holmes "Bloom" clear stickers & "Shine"paper