Monday, April 18, 2016

"Day Dreams" 12x12 scrapbook

I day dream, when Wiola and I walk and think about how it would be if we where to start competing in Rally, if we where to move, build our own house. If I could make a living, doing what I love. We all have different things we go around thinking about, what we would do if...
So I thought I would take a moment to document just what I'm dreaming about now at 22.

The page is quite simple, not much product but I wanted to keep it light, let the background show. 
The kraft cardstock is painted with white and a grey acrylic paint and then silver splatters. I thought it looked like a sky and how perfect is the for the "head in the blue" so I draw some clouds and stitched. That took longed then I care to admit but I love it!  
 This page is one of my favorite, so many elements coming together, like this tag. I wanted a tag with the title so i stamed using the oh-so-cute stamp set from Paiper Projekt, a dymo word and subtile is a strip from Tim Holtz "small talk". 
 What is with the animals here, every time!! 
But she really is cute, isn't she!

Keeping the photo cluster light and small means that the background will have a bigger role. Here I really get the feeling of night and dreams without it being a dark or heavy background. I hope you like this page and that it inspired you to document your day dreams!